Eagle Cafe

The Eagle Cafe

Open for breakfast (starting at 7:45 a.m.), during breaks, lunch and after school.

We offer a variety of hot and cold foods, homemade cookies and other goodies, fruit, and snacks for our students and staff members to purchase throughout the day.

Eagle ID Prepaid Card

Your Eagle ID card is designed to be a prepaid card for purchasing food and snacks in the Eagle Cafe. We encourage students to use this convenient payment method.

Add Money to Your Student's Account

Use either a checking account or credit/debit card to add money to your student's account through the parent portal. If students need to add money to their account while at school, they should go to the Eagle Cafe before school or during break. When adding money to an account on campus, students must bring cash or a check made payable to BCHS. Credit/debit cards can only be used to add funds to accounts online through the parent portal.