Advanced Placement

AP courses were developed by a committee of college faculty and Advanced Placement teachers. AP courses cover the breadth of information, skills and assignments found in corresponding college courses. Each AP course has an exam that participating schools administer in May and represents the culmination of college-level work in a given discipline in a secondary school setting.
The whole process of taking the AP exams is additional preparation for students headed to a competitive college where rigorous exams play an even more prominent role than in high school. Most colleges and universities in the U.S., as well as colleges and universities in 24 other countries, have an AP policy granting incoming students credit, placement, or both on the basis of their AP exam grades. The vision of an AP exam on the horizon provides a powerful inspiration for AP students. Students who participate consistently throughout the year will be well prepared for success on the exam.

Taking an AP course and exam is a collaborative effort between the student, parent/guardian, and the school. Each party plays a role and must make a commitment to meet the rigorous expectations of the course. In order to make sure all students are appropriate for the expectations of an AP course, an AP Placement Course Application form must be submitted prior to registration to determine course placement. Once a student qualifies for the course, an AP course agreement form is required that describes the expectations that come with such a rigorous course and the associated fees. 
  • The student agrees to organize his/her time and effort to successfully complete the AP course in which he/she is enrolled.
  • The Parent/Guardian agrees to be familiar with and accept the AP course requirements and policies, and to help his/her student organize study time in support of class assignments.
  • The school (AP Teacher and AP Coordinator) agrees to provide rigorous instruction and challenging course content as described in the AP Course Description.

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