BCHS Honors Academy

The goal of the BCHS Honors Academy is to enhance the high school academic experience of the students in the program. The Honors Academy does not replace any coursework or expectations required of all BCHS students but, rather, supplies additional academic programming and expectations.
The rigor found in the BCHS college preparatory curriculum fully prepares students for their college years. The Honors Academy builds upon this rigor. Acceptance into the Honors Academy is based upon several factors, including standardized test scores, academic record and recommendations.

The Honors Academy formally meets one time per week during school hours. Because there is some traditional class time missed for Honors Academy instruction, it is crucial that students maintain their academic standing and make up any course work missed as a result of the Honors Academy. Honors Academy activities also take place outside of traditional school hours. Again, demonstrating an ability to manage the demands of traditional school activities and Honors Academy expectations is expected.

The activities and opportunities found in the Honors Academy are geared at challenging students to expand their academic horizons and potential. A direct by-product of expanding students’ academic horizons and potential relates to their collegiate choice process. As such, the Honors Academy focuses upon the elements necessary for successfully matching students with their optimal college selection.

Students are challenged to expand their leadership capabilities. While the Honors Academy’s primary purpose is academic in nature, developing a student’s leadership capability is also a stated objective. To accomplish this, specific leadership programming is a vital aspect of the Honors Academy experience.

As with all aspects of schooling at BCHS, the Honors Academy is motivated by the statement of “Honoring God ... helping student soar!” The addition of the Honors Academy to BCHS allows for our top academic students to engage even more greatly in understanding how they can use their God-given talents to impact the world for Him.

Elements of the BCHS Honors Academy Experience

  1. Annual trip to select universities across the United States (freshmen through juniors).
  2. Leadership lecture series featuring monthly lectures from influential leaders.
  3. PSAT/SAT test preparation. BCHS is offering SAT test preparation to all of its students. The Honors Academy offers additional SAT preparation, as well as preparation for the PSAT.
  4. Intentional development of higher order thinking skills. Activities to foster such development include problem solving, reflective writing, Internet research and oral presentations.
  5. Intensive exploration of college opportunities and scholarships, including the requirement of applying to at least one elite university (i.e. Ivy League School).
  6. Test payment reimbursement for AP scores greater than a 3.
  7. Intentional exposure to and attendance at a premier Southern California theatric presentation on an annual basis.
  8. Specific and intensive leadership training through retreats, national video presentations and Honors Academy curriculum.
  9. Requirement of at least 10 honors/AP/dual credit courses during four years of high school.

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Applying to BCHS Honors Academy

The BCHS Honors Academy launched at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

Criteria for Freshmen

  • 3.75 GPA
  • 88th percentile on any normed state/national English and mathematics composite standardized test scores
  • Submission of written essay(s)
  • Enrolled in 2 honors courses as freshmen and 10 honors/AP/dual credit courses total over four years
Completed applications, including essays, are due by June 15.
Students must take 4 years of high school math, 3 consecutive years of a foreign language and 4 years of high school science. Students are also required to take at least 10 honors/AP/dual credit courses during four years of high school, with minimum of two such courses in each year.

Alongside having a 3.75 GPA to apply to the Honors Academy, students must also maintain that 3.75 GPA. Should a student's GPA drop below a 3.75 for two consecutive semesters they will be suspended or removed from the Honors Academy.

Students must apply during their freshman or sophomore year. Sophomores wishing to apply, should speak with their counselor before the completion of their freshman year.
The cost for students in the BCHS Honors Academy is $500 per year which will help with travel and miscellaneous program expenses. Students may apply for financial assistance.

A half credit will be granted for each year of Honors Academy enrollment. This credit will count towards the general graduation requirements. The course will be pass/fail.

BCHS Honors Academy students will wear a special medallion at graduation and will receive a special diploma. 
Honoring God … Helping Students Soar!