The Bakersfield Christian High School Independent Academic Program (IAP) is an alternative to our full-time on-campus program for families who have been longtime, committed homeschoolers.
This program provides students with a BCHS accredited diploma and transcript. Students must meet all graduation requirements and take equivalent college preparatory coursework; take tests at BCHS, proctored by a member of the BCHS faculty; and have tests scored by a member of the BCHS staff, unless graded by a third party such as online academies or by a tutor. Students must take one class on campus each semester with an option of taking up to two additional classes.

IAP Admissions Requirements

  • Proof of membership with the Home School Legal Defense Association must be presented at the time of admission into BCHS.
  • New students must follow the BCHS admissions process. This process can be found on the Admissions Web page.
  • During the interview, parents should be prepared to provide evidence of instructional competency (years of experience, college degree). This applies to all classes and every student in the program at any level.

Responsibilities of Parents and Students

Upon admission to the BCHS Independent Academic Program:

  • Student and parent must meet with a counselor and the IAP Coordinator/Liaison to develop a four-year plan, outlining the courses required to receive a BCHS diploma.
  • Parent must submit the following to the IAP Coordinator/Liaison:
    • A syllabus for each class, which includes course objectives
    • Sample lesson plan book
    • Attendance records
    • Provide samples of student work in all subjects at quarterly meeting.
    • A 90 minute final exam is required at the end of each semester (proctored and scored at BCHS)
    • Provide grades and/or transcripts for each course taken off campus. Any fees associated with transferring grades to the BCHS transcript are the responsibility of the parent.
  • All IAP students are required to complete an annual research paper, per BCHS standards, which will be graded by BCHS faculty.
  • Attend all mandatory meetings with the IAP Coordinator/Liaison (quarterly, semester or as requested by the IAP Coordinator/Liaison).
  • Remain current on tuition and fee payments.
  • Students are required to participate in yearly academic testing related to grade levels that will be administered at the school. Fees will be based on actual test charges and are the financial responsibility of the parent.
  • Cooperate with and support the philosophy and goals of BCHS, including participation in school sponsored fund-raising and parent meetings.

It is the responsibility of the parent to verify that online and homeschool classes meet the University of California A-G requirements for admission. Information can be found at
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