Alumni Mentor Program

BCHS Alumni looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of current students are encouraged to consider the BCHS Alumni Mentor Program. 

Launched in 2018, the BCHS Alumni Mentor Program forms collaborative relationships between BCHS alumni mentors and currently enrolled BCHS students. The mentors provide unique support based on their own skills, education and experience by offering insight into their given field of interest and by challenging and encouraging students to use their unique gifts to bring glory to God.

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  • Jordan Burt (2007)


    “I believe that young people are often just one encouraging adult away from having the courage to strive for their full potential in faith and life. I want to help individual students understand the strengths and talents that they have been blessed with, and how to take those talents and glorify the Lord.”
  • Cody Verhoef (2010)


    “As a Ranch Manager at Grimmway Farms, I can help give direction to those who may be interested in agriculture and share what I learned from college. I am able to give insight into the agricultural field, specifically the farming side. We can take a trip out to the field to see some agricultural operations.”
  • Courtney (Mayo) Dunbar (1999)


    With over 10 years of federal and state government/politics experience, I would love the chance to answer questions anyone might have in this field of study. It was my greatest honor to have had work experiences in a local Congressional district office, Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and in a Presidential Administration. And even still, there are so many more options than just these in this world of government and politics. I would be thrilled to answer any questions, offer any advice and insight I might have, and hear what areas in which students are most interested!”
  • Tanya Al-Sheikh (2009)


    “If I had the opportunity to meet with someone in the legal field when I was in high school, I could have really benefited from picking their brain on what I should do (electives, majors, classes, etc.) to reach the end goal.”
  • Vinny Oddo (2009)


    “As a young attorney, I look forward to offering advice relating to prelaw, the law school application process, the law school experience, the realities of practicing law, and more.”
  • Justine (Schoneveld) Peterson (2009)


    “I can help make the transition from high school to college to a career easier on someone else. I hope to bring an understanding and confidence to a journey that is not often laid out clearly. I offer wisdom and experience in regards to balancing school work, a collegiate level sport, a part-time job, and a social life in college, and I have five years of experience at Grimmway Farms: the journey from assistant to coordinator to manager and the different responsibilities within each role.”
  • Jessica Meninga (2012)


    “Making the transition from high school to a nursing major can be competitive and challenging. As a critical care nurse, I have had the opportunity to serve God by serving others through my career. Nursing is truly a work of the heart that gives you the opportunity to touch lives daily. I want to help encourage, guide and offer advice to those interested in nursing explore the profession and all it has to offer to help them be successful.”
  • Molly Armstrong (2010)


    I can provide BCHS students with critical information regarding the medical field and the necessary steps to get there. [My mentor group has] full transparency into the profession and open forum discussion environment.”
  • Andie (Bauer) Kingsbury (2013) & Connor Kingsbury (2013)

    Mechanical & Civil Engineering

    We recently graduated from BCHS and know what the transition from high school to college is like. We want to help students understand what engineering is from a fresh young perspective and give advice on how they can start thinking about college choices and careers. Plus, we want to give back to the school that gave us so much!”
  • Jake Heath (2007)


    “I have used my education (master’s degree in Music & Worship from Liberty University) and my experience as the lead worship pastor at Valley Baptist Church to develop a successful worship leadership program there for students and I believe that BCHS students would benefit from it as well. I think that the success of a mentor program is built through availability, vulnerability and consistency and I look forward to establishing all three.”

  • Brennan La Mar (2007)


    “The journey toward and into occupational ministry is one of faithfulness and integrity. I believe my experiences from high school, to serving, then into ministry can serve as a guide and encouragement to students seeking to pursue their calling. My desire is to affirm what God has already placed in their hearts.”
  • Sarah (Hill) Eicher (2012)


    “This group is designed to explore the day to day challenges and joys of serving our Lord overseas. We will discuss real live people and their stories. As a group, we will discuss mission strategies and pray for unreached people groups, as well as the people who serve them. I had the fire to reach out to different cultures since high school and have traveled to various countries since then for long and short periods of time. Join me as we consider Christ through cross-cultural eyes and explore God’s heart for the unreached.”
  • Rachel (Taylor) Belden (2009)

    Women's Discipleship

    "I want this Bible study to be a refuge where young women can come to connect with God and each other. This will be a time where we not only study God’s word, but also develop relationships to better support and encourage each other."
  • Breanna (Wind) Westenbroek (2009)

    Women's Discipleship

    "The Women’s Discipleship Group seeks to encourage and equip young women of all grades at BCHS to love God, to know God, and to glorify God as individuals and in community."
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