July 1, 2020 -- 12:10 PM

Dear BCHS Families, 
Unfortunately, the calendar flips to July, but the topic remains the same…COVID-19. I need to share that one of our faculty/staff positively tested for COVID-19 yesterday afternoon.  This comes on the heels of Monday’s news about one of our students testing positive for COVID-19.  The two cases are unrelated. As was explained in Monday’s email, the student had not been on campus since late May and is recovering nicely.   
There are many questions that people have when hearing such news. One of the first questions (as it should be) is likely in regard to how that individual is feeling. As we all know, the feeling of sickness as relates to COVID-19 can be all over the map. This faculty/staff member is pretty sick, but not hospital bound. The feeling he/she has is that he/she is no longer getting any worse, but still feels as if hit by a major case of very bad flu. 
It is important to know that this faculty/staff member has not been around students recently, and was last on campus on Tuesday, June 23.   
Out of safety, and in line with the practices outlined, contact tracing has led us to ask six members of our faculty/staff to self-isolate through this coming Monday.  This is due to the length of contact and proximity of contact they had with this individual during the period in which he/she was pre-symptomatic.   
Know that when we learn of a local, BCHS COVID-19 case, we interview that individual quite extensively in order to effectively contact trace. You will be notified if one of your family member’s is brought to our attention during this contact tracing procedure.    
While already stated in an earlier update, please let me reiterate the manner in which we are asking and expecting you, as a member of our community, to respond to BCHS in terms of potential COVID-19 exposure. These expectations are in effect as relates to BCHS during both school and non-school times throughout the year (including these summer months). 
These are the steps to be taken when exposure or concern of exposure has occurred. Each of these steps first includes contacting a member of the BCHS administrative team regarding the student’s COVID-19 actual/potential exposure. 
SCENARIO 1: A student knows he/she has been directly exposed to COVID-19 in a manner which would reasonably lead one to conclude that transmission may have occurred.  
We encourage contacting your doctor. To return to campus/school events that student must stay home for 14 days from the date of exposure and receive approval to return from BCHS Administration. A negative test result from a doctor may be required upon Administration request. 
SCENARIO 2: BCHS student shows symptoms related to COVID-19, though is not sure whether he/she has the virus.  
We encourage contacting your doctor first and then, likely, getting a COVID-19 test. To return to campus/school events, that student must be fever-free for three days, have quarantined at home for ten days following suspected exposure, and have a significant reduction in symptoms. 
SCENARIO 3: A student receives a positive COVID-19 test result.  
To return to campus/school events that student must have a doctor’s note stating his/her recovery from COVID-19, as well as BCHS Administration approval. 
The protocol listed above is not full-proof. Following these guidelines will not guarantee your student will not be exposed or affected by COVID-19. These guidelines do, however, help to establish a common ground by which we will seek to combat COVID-19. 
We will continue to keep our school functioning as it has been over the past few weeks since neither of the COVID cases of our students or faculty/staffas of yetseem to be due to BCHS community spread.  If that changes, we will re-evaluate. As always, never hesitate to reach out to me with questions you might have. Either I or a member of our leadership team will address your questions while concurrently maintaining confidentiality as is appropriate and practical in this COVID-19 age, understanding that contact tracing may make full confidentiality impossible.    
In Christ, 
John Buetow 
BCHS President 

June 29, 2020 -- 5:00 PM

We know that BCHS is not immune from the challenges being faced in today’s world. Throughout these challenges, BCHS will continue to strive for transparency in communication with our families. With this in mind, we share this news: one of our BCHS students has tested positive for COVID-19. We thank God that this student’s symptoms are mild in nature and, at that, improving fairly quickly. With the cooperation of this student’s parents we are able to share some details to help you understand the situation. This student was exposed to COVID-19 off-campus around June 10 and had not been on BCHS campus since late May. All BCHS students who came into contact with this individual since June 10 have already been contacted by the family and our administrative team. 
As you may already know, the process of following through with such individuals is referred to as “contact tracing.” Contact tracing will be a vital component of combatting COVID-19 at BCHS. Along with contact tracing, the following points outline our approach to handling a case of COVID-19 among our student body. 
  1. Families should contact BCHS to let the school know of a positive COVID-19 test result for their student or if they are aware that the student has been directly expose to COVID-19.
  2. BCHS will identify the essential time periods as relate to exposure, quarantine and return to school.
  3. BCHS will contact trace, as is appropriate, and inform families if their student has been exposed.
  4. With the exception of the contact tracing, BCHS will maintain the confidentiality of the individual(s) involved. 
Frankly, this is not great news to share with our BCHS family, but we are so thankful to this family for sharing honestly and working in conjunction with the school to make sure the appropriate steps are being taken to protect our students and their families. This is a great time to iterate/reiterate several items in regards to COVID-19 as this virus relates to BCHS. 
BCHS is committed to reacting in a reasoned, practical and safe manner in regard to COVID-19. We are determined to not overreact or underreact to this virus – making certain to base decisions upon the best available facts. We want to provide safe educational opportunities for our students, while concurrently giving our parents their rightful say in how this should look for their student given this current pandemic. We will continue to coordinate with the Kern County Health Department to receive important governmental guidance. In summary, we will not make decisions out of irrational fear, or out of unwarranted optimism. As we make these decisions, we will strive to keep our parents and students appropriately informed.
As we prepare for a return to campus, we are determined to keep protocols in place which can allow for a level of safety from COVID-19 which otherwise would be absent. These protocols, we believe, also will allow us to look at each specific circumstance and determine a best-case course of action, rather than a “one size fits all” policy. 
  • Temperature and symptom check upon arrival to BCHS
  • No one with symptoms or temperature above 100.4 will be allowed on campus
  • Masks are generally required for all persons on campus 

These are the steps to be taken when exposure or concern of exposure has occurred: 
  • SCENARIO 1: A student knows he/she has been directly exposed to COVID-19 in a manner which would reasonably lead one to conclude that transmission may have occurred.
We encourage contacting your doctor first. To return to campus/school events that student must stay home for 14 days from the date of exposure and receive approval to return from BCHS Administration. A negative test result from a doctor may be required upon Administration request.
  • SCENARIO 2: A BCHS student shows symptoms related to COVID-19, though is not sure whether he/she has the virus. 
We encourage contacting your doctor first and then, likely, getting a COVID-19 test. To return to campus/school events, that student must be fever-free for three days, have quarantined at home for ten days following suspected exposure, and have a significant reduction in symptoms.
  • SCENARIO 3: A student receives a positive COVID-19 test result.
To return to campus/school events that student must have a doctor’s note stating his/her recovery from COVID-19, as well as BCHS Administration approval.
The protocol listed above is not full-proof. Following these guidelines will not guarantee your student will not be exposed or affected by COVID-19. These guidelines do, however, help to establish a common ground by which we will seek to combat COVID-19.
We care deeply for every student, faculty and staff on our campus. This means that we will continue to carefully monitor the COVID-19 situation as it relates to our student body and staff. Finally, let’s all commit to keeping the daunting challenges of COVID-19 in our daily prayer life. 

June 16, 2020 -- 1:30 PM

Reopening Campus
We have begun the process of carefully reopening our campus as relates to COVID-19. This week we have started having very controlled, small group athletic team gatherings at school. Next week we are going to move Mr. Chai’s summer school SAT/ACT Prep course on-campus. Having this course on-campus will provide us a nice trial run for the start of next school year. 
This is all good and exciting! It also means we need to have procedures in place to help minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread. Please note that these procedures are only in place, at this time, for the summer. We are going to re-evaluate as we watch things play out prior to the start of next school year. With that in mind, please read the following: 
  • All persons entering BCHS must park in the faculty parking lot near Stockdale Hwy. The student parking lot and Allen gate will remain closed. 
  • Each person must stop by the check-in tent (near the path between the parking lot and Admin. Office). This tent will be staffed between 7:45 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. each weekday. At this station, you will have your temperature checked with a “no-contact” thermometer. Any person showing a temperature above 100.4 will be asked to leave campus. School personnel will contact that person to follow up prior to his/her being admitted/readmitted onto campus. 
  • COVID-19 symptoms are to be self-monitored. This additionally pertains to times that the temperature check station is not open. An individual with a temperature or any other COVID-19 symptom must refrain from coming onto campus until either cleared by school personnel or through a doctor.
  • Selected fields and practice areas will be open for athletics throughout the summer. All practice area usage must be cleared by Blake Van Der Schaaf before entering campus.
  • The only restrooms which will be opened are those 1) between the baseball/softball fields, 2) in the Sports Center foyer (next to the snack bar), 3) in the Admin. Office, and 4) in the SSC.
  • Masks should continue to be utilized on campus if around other individuals.  Athletes are not required to wear masks while engaged in their athletic endeavors.  
  • Social distancing remains in effect for all individuals.
Thank you in advance for adhering to these new practices. As with many COVID-19 policies, we understand that your personal feelings may differ from what we are requiring on campus. We appreciate your compliance as well as your positive attitude in keeping our campus as safe as possible for all.

May 20, 2020 -- 4:30 PM

Senior Chapel
Joe Cabalka, our Spiritual Formation Director, and our senior class officers came together for a Virtual Senior Chapel this year. Enjoy this time honoring our seniors and their time at BCHS by watching: Virtual Senior Chapel.
Senior Send-off
The Class of 2020 has had their graduation ceremony postponed, but that does not mean we are not celebrating with them in May! Join us for a special Senior Send-off on Saturday, May 23. To abide by COVID-19 mandates, it is very important that you follow the instructions below if you plan to be on campus on Saturday.
  • Gates open at 8:15 a.m., festivities begin at 9am.
  • Extended family, friends and students (not related to seniors) will be instructed to park in the faculty parking lot.
  • The faculty parking lot will serve as the parade route for the seniors as they exit the stadium (after a brief farewell) and drive through the campus. 
  • Anyone on the parade route will need to stay inside their cars to ensure social distancing. Decorating your car, honking and cheering is encouraged!
  • As soon as all of the seniors have paraded through the campus, we ask that all guests exit the campus as well.
Just a reminder: diplomas will not be handed out at Senior Send-off. We feel that the seniors deserve that special moment walking across the stage to receive their diplomas. Since this ceremony will happen later in the summer, we realize that you may need your diploma for college admissions or employment reasons, or you may just feel strongly that you want it in your possession as soon as possible. If this is the case, please contact our registrar, Mrs. Guinn, to make arrangements to pick up your diploma from the office. 
The close of any school year always brings goodbyes. This year’s goodbyes are being made more difficult due to COVID-19 and the distance which has been forced between us.  So many of these goodbyes center (and justifiably so) upon our senior class as they graduate from BCHS. But we are also saying goodbye to several other faces who have been greatly impactful on our campus – that being those of certain BCHS employees. With this in mind, we say, “Godspeed and God’s blessings,” to the following: Mr. Root, Mrs. Helmcamp, Mrs. Wallace and Mr. Clark. We thank you for your service to BCHS and know you will continue to make a positive difference for the Lord as you continue living for Him beyond our school walls. 
With goodbyes also come new welcomes and greetings. We welcome Mr. Jay Yoon as a new faculty member in our English Department. Mr. Yoon will be joining us after serving as a teacher at New Covenant Academy in Los Angeles and as a chaplain in the Army. We also welcome Mr. Steven Chai into a new role. Mr. Chai will be serving as our Vice President of Academic Growth. It takes an intentionality at this particular COVID-19 time to say goodbye and welcome…make sure to do so with these individuals!
Students must return iPads, school-issued textbooks and instruments, and clean out lockers. The following days and times have been scheduled for drop-off/pick-up. Please remember that social distancing will be enforced on campus.
Tuesday, May 26, 1-7 p.m. – 9th and 10th Grade
Wednesday, May 27, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – 11th Grade
Re-enrollment and Annual Forms
Step 1:  Enrollment/Re-enrollment contracts were sent out several weeks ago and were due May 15. If you have not already submitted your contract, please do so as soon as possible. Click on the contract link below to begin the enrollment process. You will then enter your email into the box under Forgot Password? and next will be prompted to reset your password to one of your choice. This will be your login in all areas of our NEW software. 
To begin the Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment Contract please click on the link and proceed.
Step 2: This year, we have created online Annual Forms to update emergency, medical and contact information. These Annual Forms are required for every enrolled student for next school year. 
Step 3: In addition, the Athletic Forms are also online and must be completed for any student planning to participate in sports during the 2020-21 school year.  
Both sets of forms are currently available on the NEW Parent Portal. After you have submitted the Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment Contract, please click on the link below to access the Annual and Athletic Forms: 2020-21 Parent Portal
Please use your login credentials for the new system to complete all steps of the Enrollment/Re-enrollment Process (Contract, Annual Forms, and Athletic Forms). We appreciate you completing the enrollment/re-enrollment process by June 15.
Jostens (our yearbook distributer) has had a number of delays due to COVID-19. Our Yearbook Team is anxiously awaiting their arrival. At this time, we do not have a delivery and distribution date set. We will send out pick up information as soon as we know when the yearbooks will be delivered. Thank you for your patience in this waiting time.
And good news! Jostens has opened up online yearbook purchases again for any who did not buy one earlier in the year. Check out the Jostens website for ordering information.
The Final Push
Students – ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT! You are so close to ending the school year. Remember to push through that May 22 finish line strong. 

May 14, 2020 -- 5:00 PM

Seniors’ Last Day
Congratulations seniors on your LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL! We are so proud of the endurance and hard work you have put in to successfully cross this finish line. 
Graduation Announcement
We have waited to the last possible day of decision-making and exhausted all of our options for a formal graduation ceremony on May 23. We regret to share with you that the graduation ceremony on May 23 has been postponed, until at least the June 13 alternate date.
Seniors – we are planning a special Senior Send-off on May 23 to celebrate your achievement. Look for a text tomorrow with detailed information regarding not only Senior Send-off, but also additional senior events being held next week. 
BCHS Community – please know that it is our desire and intent to still hold a formal graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020. As of right now, that ceremony will now be planned for June 13. Depending on the next few weeks and COVID-19 changes, July 25 is still an option if we have to postpone further. We will continue to keep you updated on our graduation plans as we are able to solidify them.
AP Exams
AP students – continue to push hard and stay focused on the end goal. Our AP teachers are committed to supporting you in your studies and preparation up to the very last moments before the exam. 
We are providing drop-off and pick-up days to our students. Students must return iPads, school-issued textbooks and instruments, and clean out lockers. Please remember that social distancing will be enforced on campus.
Monday, May 18, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. – 12th Grade
Tuesday, May 26, 1-7 p.m. – 9th and 10th Grade
Wednesday, May 27, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – 11th Grade
SPAM Alert (Fake Email)
In case you did not receive the text message sent out earlier today regarding a fake email request, please read the following:
Yesterday a SPAM email may have been sent to you from Tarilyn Crabtree (concerning a fake uncle and dog walking). Please disregard any such message. Our IT Dept has successfully blocked the SPAM source.
6 Days and Counting
9-11th graders – only six days remain for the school year!

May 12, 2020 -- 4:00 PM

Teacher of the Year
We are very excited to announce BCHS’ Teacher of the Year today! A special edition of Up-to-Date with Joe & Nate is available here. Congratulations to our honoree – she has made our school a better place!
Academic Awards
Departmental Awards were revealed on yesterday’s Up-to-Date with Joe & Nate. Our faculty were excited to share the names of these hard-working students. Check it out here.
A full listing of academic awards can be viewed on our website here. We are so proud of the academic achievements of our entire student body this year. Well done!
Spring Sports – Senior Athletes
We are recognizing our senior spring sport athletes tonight in a special drive-through parade. Coaches, parents, faculty and staff will be on-site (socially-distanced) this evening to honor the achievements of these athletes, even though they were unable to complete their spring seasons. Congratulations senior athletes! We encourage you to support our spring athletes by participating in this car parade at 6 p.m. at BCHS.
Senior Drop-off/Pick-up
Monday, May 18 seniors will be allowed on campus between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. to drop off items or pick up any belongings that may still be on campus. We ask that all students (and parents) remember that social distancing is in place while on campus. Students will be allowed in classrooms/locker areas one at a time. The following areas will be open for drop-off/pick-up:
  • Student Study Center: iPad return (if not purchasing, all iPad tech must be returned – adapter, cover, charger, keyboard). Seniors are welcome to purchase their iPad “as is” for $50 – payment must be made on May 18.
  • Student Study Center: textbook return.
  • Fine Arts Building: any school issued instruments and/or music department items are to be returned.
  • Locker Rooms: personal belongings must be cleared out.
  • Student Lockers: personal belongings must be cleared out.
9-11th Grade Last Week of School
Next week marks the final week of school for 9-11th grade students! Two important reminders:
First – no official cumulative final exams will be taken this last week of school. However, some classes will have the last chapter/unit test in this time. We want to ensure that students do not have an unbalanced testing schedule in the last days of school, so the following deadlines apply. Teachers may choose to test earlier than these dates, but will not be testing after:
Tuesday, May 19 – English, Social Studies
Wednesday, May 20 – Science, Bible
Thursday, May 21 – Math, World Languages, VPA, Electives
Secondly, please remember that our last day of teaching and learning is Friday, May 23. Even if tests or projects have due dates before the final day of school, students are expected to participate in their classes through this last day.
9-11th Grade Drop-off/Pick-up
9-11th grade students are encouraged to come on the scheduled days listed below to drop off any school-issued items or pick up any personal belongings.
Tuesday, May 26, 1-7 p.m. – 9th and 10th grade
Wednesday, May 27, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – 11th grade
Please remember this is not a “get-together” and social distancing will be enforced on campus. The following areas will be open for drop-off or pick-up: 
  • Student Study Center: iPad return (if students are attending Summer School, they may keep their iPad at home).
  • Student Study Center: textbook return.
  • Fine Arts Building: any school-issued instruments and/or music department items are to be returned.
  • Locker Rooms: personal belongings must be cleared out.
  • Student Lockers: personal belongings must be cleared out.

May 8, 2020 -- 4:15 PM

The Countdown is Real!
10 and 4 are important numbers on this Friday in May. 
ONLY 4 – Seniors you have only 4 days left in your high school career! The end is so close – push through these last few days with enthusiasm as you end this year well. Even though we are not on campus, our Student Life team is preparing a full week of activities beginning May 18. Be sure to check out this Senior Countdown email that was sent earlier today to senior families.
AND 10 – Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors – you only have 10 school days left! This has been an unexpected way to finish out the year, but we encourage you to finish strong.
Grading Policy Reminder
As pleased as we are with the effort of our students in this digital platform, we want to make sure that all students complete the work required for course credit. Our new grading policy has widened the opportunity for As, Bs, and Cs, however an “I” (Incomplete) is a very real possibility for some students. Those in danger of receiving an “I” must make certain to reach out to your teacher to find out what work needs be completed to avoid receiving such a status. 
Master Schedule for 2020-21
We are excited to say that our Master Schedule for next school year is close to completion. There are a few additional classes being offered in 2020-21 that you did not hear about at our Elective Forum earlier in the year. If you are interested in adding one of these courses to your schedule, contact your counselor (Mrs. Chandler – current 10th grade; Ms. Cady – current 9th and 11th grade).
Technical Theatre with Mrs. Leyendecker: Students learn how to construct theatrical sets, use lighting equipment and run sound boards. 
Animal/Vet Science (Juniors/Seniors) with Mrs. Love: This course will provide the student with principles in animal science – focusing on areas of livestock production, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, nutrition, respiration and genetics.

May 5, 2020 -- 6:15 PM 

Dear BCHS Community,
Trying to maintain the pulse of a community during this COVID-19 time can be a challenge. There is no substitute for in-person interactions to help understand another’s thought process. I have to believe the same is true as you consider the trajectory of decisions being made by BCHS. Without the ability to be on campus and get a general “vibe,” and without the ability to talk with school leaders face-to-face, I’m certain you must have innumerable questions about school operations. With that in mind, let me take a shot at anticipating questions I think you may have…and in so doing, also give you an insight into the thoughts behind the decisions being made. This letter is lengthy, but for those interested in a more “insider look,” I think it’s worth taking the time to read.
How is the altered, current grading policy working out? 
Pretty well. No grading policy change was going to be perfect in these circumstances. And with that in mind, our first decision was to determine if any grading policy change whatsoever was necessary. It was, and continues to be, my opinion that COVID-19 has impacted nearly everyone in our country. For some families, COVID-19 has caused only inconvenience. For other families, though, it has caused tremendous upheaval. Maintaining a school learning climate at home where upheaval has occurred is incredibly difficult. The most commonly talked about points of upheaval during this COVID-19 pandemic revolve around health and wealth. These two points are all too real. But other upheaval, of various proportions, has occurred: access to required technology, child-care challenges, mental health and relational stability. With these facts in mind, maintaining the status quo for grading became increasingly untenable and ultimately impossible. The vast majority of schools have come to this same conclusion. You have likely been following the intense local, state and national debate about what grading policy to move towards during these unprecedented times. I’ve yet to see a solution which I believe more fairly balances the many sides of this debate than what BCHS has adopted (admittedly, I may be a bit biased). We have scaled grades to demonstrate grace to students who are experiencing very real upheaval, or who simply struggle within a digital learning environment. But we are continuing to offer grades – providing feedback to students as to the quality of their work. And while BCHS’ traditional grading standards have indeed been lowered temporarily, they have not been abandoned: students must complete work to pass classes; they must demonstrate a reasonable quality of work to earn A’s and B’s; they continue to be recognized for being in the more difficult Honors and AP classes by receiving an extra quality grading point. People have heard me say that my only question in regards to this policy is if we should have slightly “raised the scale” to an A being an 85% or greater and a B being a 70% or greater (rather than the 80% and 60% that we ultimately determined). I’m glad we did not. I want to err on the side of grace. The tumult in our world right now demands such. The amount of work our students are being expected to complete and the accountability required as compared to so many other school districts also points to this same conclusion. 
What’s really the deal with graduation? 
We continue to be in a holding pattern. The three days we’ve laid out for having an in-person graduation ceremony remain on the table – May 23, June 13 or July 25. I am increasingly hopeful that we will be able to hold an in-person, largely traditional graduation ceremony on one of these days. We will move forward with such a gathering when a few criteria are met:
  1. When national, state and local governments deem we can legally have such a ceremony.
  2. When the health of those attending the ceremony can be reasonably assured (knowing that no such 100% health guarantee will be present…such is the reality in the age of COVID-19). 
Questions that still remain around such a graduation ceremony include the number of guests to be allowed per family, the number of ceremonies which might be held to keep us under a certain number of attendees, the location of the graduation exercise and, obviously, the logistics of the ceremony which keep traditional graduation service activities in place, while concurrently maintaining social distance. At this point, we have strong leanings on most of these questions, but first need to see guidance given by authorities as to what will and will not be allowed. As indicated above, such guidance will be meshed with our own sense of what additional health precautions would be prudent. 
We are determined to keep the May 23 graduation date if at all possible. We understand that this date is just around the corner and we plan to update you on the status of this possibility each week as it comes closer to graduation day. Because visitor travel is unlikely to be a factor in this year’s graduation, we feel that giving maximum time for making such a decision allows for the maximum potential of being able to actually have a ceremony on May 23. Such an eventuality remains our hope. 
If asked to give a percentage of likelihood of a May 23 graduation, I think it to be fairly low…probably no greater than 20%. I do think, however, that a June 13 graduation date is significantly more likely. I write that simply because I’m often asked, “What do you really think?” There you have it! I actually will not be surprised if Governor Newsom gives some fairly detailed guidance on graduation ceremonies as this is very much a topic on the minds of many citizens. Such state guidance, in concert with local guidance, would be quite helpful. To be clear, we could not legally hold such an in-person graduation on current mandates. Some of the local trends are beginning to challenge this. We’ll see…
What do you think will happen with school next year? 
We are fully preparing for four different contingencies: 
  1. A return to school with only limited COVID-19 measures required…similar to the way we ended on-campus education this year back in March. 
  2. A return to campus in which a limited number of students are allowed in each learning space (for example: 12 students per 100 square feet of classroom space). 
  3. A return to campus where only a certain percentage of our students are allowed on the property at any given time – this could lead to a hybrid approach of digital learning and on-campus learning, or to maintaining two campuses for a limited time.
  4. A continuation of solely digital learning. 
Plans for each of these eventualities are pretty far along already. In preparation for these contingencies, we have ordered masks for our school community and additional hand sanitizer stations for every classroom and communal areas. We also are getting in an order for toilet paper! I am confident we will be ready to turn on a dime in rapid response to whatever guidelines we are given at the national, state and local levels.
Again, I will venture my opinion on what is likely to happen. I believe options two and three are most probable. I believe some guidance at the state level will be given as to how schools can reopen. This guidance will likely limit students on campus or mandate certain class sizes. If such guidance is given, it seems far more reasonable to me that class size be limited based upon square footage, as campuses vary so greatly in relation to available space and student numbers. Again, time will tell.
A return timeframe for interscholastic athletics and other extracurriculars is also a huge question mark. Clearly, some form of on-campus schooling will need to be determined prior to extracurriculars being given the green light by either the state government or the CIF. Having written this, I’ve been surprised before, so… 
What is the financial outlook for BCHS? 
Stable. Two financial positives have recently occurred for BCHS. First, The Virtual Key Event was a tremendous success. Our community greatly rallied in support of this online fundraising endeavor. The Key Event makes up about 33% of our annual fundraising goal. The goal for the event was unexpectantly exceeded. What an amazing and supportive community! Second, we successfully partnered with our local bank (Mission Bank), applying for and receiving a PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loan through the U.S. Government. 
These two financial occurrences have played a significant role in there being no layoffs or furloughs to date. We are determined to avoid laying off employees if at all possible. Additionally, the retaining of current enrollment (minus the Class of 2020) and a solid looking incoming freshmen class give hope that the financial health of the school will remain solid in looking ahead to the 2020-21 school year. 
There has been a definitive loss of income for our school as compared to what was budgeted from mid-March until today. Income loss areas include facility rentals, a portion of various fees, a likely decrease in summer school enrollment, loss of cafeteria income, a likely decrease in annual fundraising support and the need for additional tuition assistance. We assume such a loss of income will likely continue through the COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, the question about the near future of international travel has impacted our international enrollment as we anticipate next year. To hedge against some of this loss of income, we have been careful in budgeting for next year, in mindful anticipation of keeping a tight financial belt. 
To summarize, my financial concerns rest far more greatly with the families we serve than with BCHS as an institution. BCHS is made up of an amazing community. This community consists of families. There are so many hurting families right now. It is my prayer that BCHS can partner with these families at such a challenging time in order to continue making Christian education a reality for your children and grandchildren.
And the final question I am anticipating…
What will the 2020-21 season look like for the Cleveland Browns?
With the new 17 game schedule in place, a 10-7 regular season is expected, along with a wildcard birth in the playoffs. This will mark Year One of the start of a new dynasty.
And on that ending, God’s blessings to each of you. Know that I keep you in my prayers on a daily basis. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions you have.
In Christ,
John Buetow
BCHS President

May 4, 2020 -- 7:15 PM 

Semester 2 Finals
Just a reminder – there will be no cumulative finals for the end of this year. 
Testing During the Last Weeks of School
While there are no cumulative finals this semester, many teachers may be ending a unit or section of curriculum that requires a unit or chapter test in these last few weeks of school. We have asked the faculty to abide by the following schedule in an effort to stagger testing at the end of the school year. Teachers have the freedom to test students any time before the testing deadlines and will not be giving tests after the designated date for their department.
12th Grade Deadline:
Tuesday, May 12 – Bible, Math
Wednesday, May 13 – English, VPA, World Languages
Thursday, May 14 – Social Studies, Science
9-11th Grade Deadline:
Tuesday, May 19 – English, Social Studies
Wednesday, May 20 – Science, Bible
Thursday, May 21 – Math, World Languages, VPA, Electives
Last Day of School
Without Finals Week to punctuate the end of the school year, students may feel the slow slide toward the final week of school. We want you to know and be sure to keep in mind, the last day of school is Friday, May 22. Testing and year-end assignments may look different, but the final day of school remains the same. Can you believe we only have 14 days of school left?! 
Finish strong! 

April 30, 2020 -- 10:00 AM 

ASB Campaigns
Those running for an ASB position will be making campaign appearances today on Up-to-Date with Joe & Nate. Be sure to tune in TODAY to BCHS Facebook or IGTV to see the candidates. 
ASB Elections
ASB elections are happening May 1. A voting link will be emailed to students on Friday.
Senior Events
May 7-8: A special delivery will be made to every senior’s home. Be sure to listen for the doorbell!
May 19: A specially modified Senior Sunset will happen on campus. Stay tuned for more details coming directly to seniors.
May 21: The Eagle Excellence Banquet will look different this year, but we are still going to celebrate the special achievements of the senior class.
May 23: Whether we have a formal, in-person, socially-distanced graduation or a virtual conferring of diplomas, seniors will celebrate in some manner on this important day. If we are not able to have an in-person ceremony on this day, we are determined to have a formal ceremony later in the summer – either June 13 or July 25.

Log on to Jostens.com to purchase your yearbook. May 1 is the deadline – order it today!

April 28, 2020 -- 8:00 PM 

Re-enrollment Contract
Enrollment/Re-enrollment contracts have been sent out to our BCHS families. If you did not receive the email for enrollment/re-enrollment, please read the following carefully and use the link provided to enroll your student for the 2020-21 school year.
As BCHS is undergoing a school management software change, we have a new electronic process of enrollment/re-enrollment for BCHS. With this in mind, we appreciate your patience as we navigate through the inevitable kinks in this new system so that we are ultimately able to offer a more cohesive user experience for our families.
The below instructions relate to logging into the new school management software for next school year (2020-21). This will serve as your login in all areas of our new system (again, as pertains to school year 2020-21). These are different log in credentials than are utilized for OnCampus (the current school management software in use for the remainder of this current 2019-20 school year). If you still have trouble logging in after following the instructions below, please contact us at admissions@bakersfieldchristian.com.
Important Note: Families who submitted a new student application for the 2020-21 school year, or existing families who have logged in to pay for the AP testing…use those same credentials previously used to access the contract, as those credentials were created for the new system.
Login Instructions for NEW System:
  1. Use the online enrollment/re-enrollment link below to access the login page to complete the 2020-21 enrollment contract.
  2. Enter your email address associated with your parent account in the email field at the bottom of the enrollment/re-enrollment login page to reset your password.
  3. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password. The link expires after 4 hours, so make sure to check your email as soon as possible.
  4. Once you have reset your password, access the 2020-21 enrollment contract using your email address (user name) and your new password under “Log In”.
To begin the Online Enrollment/Re-enrollment, please click on the link and proceed. 
*If you have student(s) currently attending BCHS during the 2019-20 school year, use the parent login credentials above for our new software for re-enrollment and all matters for the 2020-21 school year. The login you have been using for the 2019-20 school year will still be needed for our current software system (OnCampus) in order to continue accessing grades and academic progress for the remainder to the 2019-20 school year.
Enrollment Deposit Policy Change
In order to hopefully lesson the financial pressure you might feel right now in looking ahead to next school year, we have altered our enrollment deposit refund policy for 2020-21. You can read more details about our decision to make the change in yesterday’s (April 27) school update.
COVID-19 Tuition Assistance
There is potential tuition assistance available for those families whose income has been affected by COVID-19. If lay-offs, furloughs or reduction in salary have occurred in your family, please refer to yesterday’s (April 27) school update that explains what assistance may be available to you for the end of this 2019-20 school year.
Summer School
Registration is open for our Summer Courses and Camps! As of now, courses and camps will be offered via digital learning. We look forward to providing quality instruction and connection using technology in the midst of unprecedented times.
This summer we are offering the following courses: Art 1, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, PE, Theology and Health. Students entering grades 7-12 may take these courses for credit recovery, advancement or enrichment. 
Summer Camps
We are excited about our camps this year as many are focused on various areas including Fine Arts, STEM, Acting, Musical Theatre, Creative Writing, Speech and Debate, Summer Reading, ACT/SAT Prep and multiple Sports Camps.
Please find summer course and camp info on our website or call the office (661- 410-7000) for more information. Register today!
Feedback on Digital Learning
We are pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from you, our BCHS parents and students, regarding the manner in which digital learning has progressed. As we have dialogued with you, we have striven to adjust student workloads to find an appropriate work level. We appreciate your feedback as it allows us to make modifications to our digital learning platform to help our students soar.

April 27, 2020 -- 6:15 PM 

Dear BCHS Parents/Guardians,
Throughout this period of COVID-19, BCHS has endeavored to be in clear and consistent communication with you, our school community. Feedback we have been receiving indicates a satisfaction with how we’ve done in this area. Thank you for taking the time to read the communications we have been sending and providing such feedback.
One area which has yet to be – but needs to be – addressed revolves around tuition. With that in mind, let me address a few tuition related topics.
Is there any tuition assistance available for the remainder of this current 2019-20 school year for families who have been financially hurt by COVID-19 due to a loss of work income?
Yes, but in a limited supply. If you have lost your job or had a reduction in employment hours due to COVID-19, there may be tuition assistance available for you. To learn more about this COVID-19 tuition assistance, please contact the Business Office through email at jricker@bakersfieldchristian.com. You will receive a reply email within one business day which includes instructions for pursuing such assistance. If, after requesting this information, you have not received a reply email within one business day, please call the school office at 661-410-7000. Again, this particular tuition assistance is only in relation to the time period in which job loss or income reduction may have occurred due to COVID-19. Please also take note that this assistance is limited. To be considered, inquiries must be made and paperwork completed prior to May 8. Determination on any such COVID-19 tuition assistance will not be made until after all submitted applications have been reviewed following the May 8 deadline.
I received my re-enrollment contract, but am not sure how to proceed due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. What should I do?
BCHS has traditionally had a fairly rigid non-refundable $500 enrollment deposit policy in place. This non-refundable enrollment deposit policy will be altered for the upcoming school year. Unlike past years, we will refund all but $100 of your deposit and any/all tuition and fees paid for the 2020-21 school year should you wish to withdraw your enrollment to BCHS up until Wednesday, July 22.
As of this time, we are hoping that we will resume on-campus education in time for next school year. However, there is simply too great a time period before the start of next school year and far too many uncertainties at this time to determine exactly what August will bring. We will be transparent in sharing our thoughts on this as time approaches and if it appears that next school year might not start on-campus. By having a more relaxed refundable enrollment deposit policy in place for next school year as indicated in the previous paragraph, you will be able to have more financial security to ultimately not move forward with enrollment if unable to pay the tuition or if in disagreement with the manner in which the school is proceeding.
Please note that by completing your re-enrollment in a timely manner, you will have “saved your spot” in next year’s student body.
Finally, let me encourage you with words found in Hebrews 10:23: “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for He who promised is faithful.” That is a hope which can only be found in Jesus. He will be faithful to those who know Him as Savior. His eternal faithfulness is promised. An eternal promise far outlasts the considerable earthly pain now being endured during COVID-19. May that be your hope!
In Christ,
John Buetow
BCHS President

April 23, 2020 -- 6:55 PM 

Re-enrollment for 2020-21 School Year
We are now ready to send out the 2020-21 school year Re-enrollment Contracts. Look in your email inbox tonight for the Re-enrollment link. Important personalized instructions will be listed in the email – please read carefully and thoroughly.
Eagle Excellence Banquet
The decision has been made to move forward with the Eagle Excellence banquet on Thursday, May 21 for 12th grade students who have earned special awards and scholarships this year. This event will look very different from our usual on-campus dinner event, but we are committed to celebrating these students’ achievements at the end of the year. Watch for more details to come. Additional events for the senior class are also being planned. Clearance from local authorities in regards to social distancing remains a priority to our school, so we are contacting law enforcement to be sure our plan for events are within compliance. We will continue to keep you informed with updates.
We continue to share as much information as possible about COVID-19 related issues as it arises with our School Updates. We will also be reinstituting our monthly newsletter, the Eagle Eye, in May – look for it at the beginning of each month in your email inbox. While you are at home, we want to keep all lines of communication open. Use these key contact numbers for any questions you may have:
  • Virtual Office Hours are 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. – call 661-410-7000 for general information or questions.
  • Susan Chandler is available to anyone who has concerns about digital learning or the decisions being made surrounding COVID-19. You may contact her at schandler@bakersfieldchristian.com.
  • Tech Support remains available every school day to students 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. – call 661-679-1311.
Faculty Position
We are looking for a new BCHS Band Director for the 2020-21 school year. If you know of anyone who would be a great addition to our faculty, please ask them to contact Jessica Ricker in the Business Office – jricker@bakersfieldchristian.com.

April 21, 2020 -- 8:15 PM 

New Grading Policy
An important update on our grading policy for this semester was sent out earlier today via text and is also available to be seen on the school website. Please be sure to read it carefully.
The End of the Year
With significant research and prayerful consideration, we have made the decision to keep campus closed and continue with digital learning throughout the remainder of this school year (until May 22). We purposefully waited as long as we could to consider our options for the end of the year. In both our local area and throughout the entire state, we are one of the final schools to make this decision regarding the close of the school year. With the federal plan set forth last week (stating that at this point in time from a national perspective – as we proceed towards Phase 1 of reopening the economy – schools which are closed are to remain closed) and in conjunction with news coming out of Sacramento and our state government, there is simply not another path which can be reasonably seen. This will likely not come as a surprise, yet it is still quite disappointing for our entire BCHS family.
As a side note and as has already been communicated, final exams will not be held this semester, but digital classes will continue until the last day of scheduled school. 
The decision to not come back to campus for the remainder of the year brings about multiple questions – especially for our seniors. Seniors – with that in mind – please read below in regards to plans for graduation.
Graduation 2020
We all assumed at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year that the senior class would enjoy the traditional celebratory milestones as their high school careers moved towards conclusion.  COVID-19 has taken much of that away. Know that the administration, faculty and staff are all heavy-hearted for our seniors at the loss of such significant memories. We care deeply about all of our students and realize the missing pieces of these last few weeks of high school will not be easily rearranged or recreated.
There are many things we do not know about the coming weeks and months, but what we do know is that we WILL MAKE EVERY ENDEAVOR to have an in-person graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020. This might look very different from our traditional May graduation in the Sports Center. And we, of course, will be following the government-mandated guidelines to keep everyone’s safety a top priority. With this in mind, here are the plans for Graduation 2020:
  •  We will utilize the best possible location on campus for graduation as we consider the likely constraints posed by social distancing. While the ceremony may be held in the gym, we might alternatively utilize the football field or another outdoor campus location.
  • While not our hope, we are prepared to have multiple ceremonies in order to stay within governmental regulations on social distancing and group sizes. For instance, if events of up to 200 people are allowed, we would have multiple graduations on the same day in order to accommodate our graduates and guests (whose number may need to be somewhat limited).
  • Our best scenario is that such easement of governmental regulations in regards to the Coronavirus lifts in time to be able to have graduation on the originally established May 23 date. This is probably pretty unlikely. We are setting aside two other dates as alternates – June 13 and July 25. Graduation will be held at the first of these dates (May 23, June 13 or July 25) at which we can safely abide by COVID-19 government regulations.  
  • If graduation is pushed back to June 13 or July 25, seniors will have their diplomas conferred upon them on May 23 during a brief virtual diploma recognition. The formal graduation ceremony would then still be held in June/July. Please note that in such a case, the May 23 virtual event would be extremely low key and short in duration. 
  • Holding an in-person graduation ceremony could create potential issues – one of the foremost likely revolves around planning summer travel. An additional potential issue is that individuals who are considered to be at a higher health risk may not be allowed to attend the ceremony (pending government policy). Frustratingly, the current realities that we are facing as a society are filled with solutions that are imperfect. We will continue to try to seek the best solutions given these realities.  
  • Those are the plans as of now. They are unlikely to change unless we still could not have an in-person graduation by July 25. If this were to be the case, it’s likely a majority of happenings in our country still will not have returned to normal. At that point, we would reevaluate our options as relate to the graduation ceremony.
The Key Event
The Virtual Key Event was a such a success! Watch for a special update about all that happened on April 18 in the coming days. For now, if you were an auction winner, your items will be available for pick up this week – just drive through the circle at school during these times:
  • Wednesday, April 22, 1-5 p.m.
  • Thursday, April 23, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

New Grading Policy

New Grading Policy for the Second Semester of 2019-20 (Please Note: This Grading Policy Pertains Only to this Particular Semester)
BCHS will be scaling grades for Semester 2 of 2019-20. The new grading scale is as follows:
  • 80-100% = A grade
  • 60-79% = B grade
  • ** Below 60% = C grade, unless…(please read below)
 **To ensure engagement, in the case that a student shows an unwillingness to learn, characterized by deliberate noncompliant disengagement, a grade of Incomplete (I) will be issued.  
A student who receives one or more Incompletes will have his/her transcript adjusted if/when satisfactory engagement has been demonstrated.
COVID-19 has had an unprecedented disruption on students’ learning environments. Teachers are sometimes unable to support students in a way in which they are accustomed, and students are sometimes unable to receive that support in an equal and fair fashion. Trying to assign grades as if the learning environment has not changed is therefore irresponsible.
Given the fact that many colleges across the nation are adjusting their admission’s policies and high school districts are changing their grading policies as a result of the disruption caused by COVID-19, it is only right and fair that BCHS also adjusts our grading policy to not unduly and unfairly impact our students’ academic standing. BCHS has come to this conclusion after much prayer and discussion with the leadership team, faculty representatives and staff. This change to our grading policy both honors God and helps our students soar.
We will continue to encourage our students to focus on their learning without the grading concerns. It is our hope that this policy will motivate students in a “grace forward, student-centered” manner.

April 17, 2020 -- 2:00 PM 

Schedule Reminders
Monday is Tutor Day. Teachers may be reaching out to certain students to set up tutor sessions. Feel free to contact teachers if your student is struggling with any content.
The rest of next week will be regular digital learning schedule: Tuesday through Friday.
The Silent Auction
Today is the last day of The Key Event Silent Auction. It’s free to join in on the action – so log on to The Silent Auction now! Bidding closes at 9 p.m. tonight.
Drive-Thru Pick Up
Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the school to pick up Jostens items and Powder-puff shirts. It was great to see so many familiar faces.
End-of-Year and Graduation
As we come closer to May 4 (our most recent return to campus date), we are making plans specific to the end of the year and graduation. We will have more details in next week’s school update.
Have a great weekend!

April 15, 2020 -- 6:10 PM  

Moving Forward with Daily Updates
We hope that our Daily School Updates have helped you feel informed and confident in BCHS’ response to COVID-19. With our digital learning days becoming more “normal” we will be reducing our Daily School Updates to updates sent once or twice a week. We highly value the clear communication offered at BCHS between school and home. We want to honor your investment as well as be respectful of your time. Reducing our messages to you will allow clear, important information to be sent home as the need arises.
We will continue to update the school website as needed, as well as communicating regularly through text messaging.
Drive-Thru Pick Up Tomorrow
Reminder: Drive through the circle tomorrow from 9am to 1pm to pick up Powder-puff shirts and Jostens orders.
Re-enrollment for 2020-21 School Year
We have paused on sending out our re-enrollment forms to you this year due to the dramatic changes we’ve experienced with COVID-19 closures. Normally our contracts and enrollment forms would have been available to you in March. We are now ready to look to the 2020-21 school year and will be sending out the electronic forms to you within the next two weeks.

April 14, 2020 -- 5:15 PM  

Only a few topics to cover today.
The Key Event
The time is getting near! The 24-hour countdown to The Key Event Silent Auction and the 96-hour countdown to The Live Virtual Key Event is underway! The monies given through The Key Event help to offset the nearly $1,000,000 which must be raised each year to provide tuition assistance to our student body.
For the first time ever, anyone can bid in The Key Event Silent Auction running from April 15-17 (this Wednesday through Friday). It’s free to bid – sign in, register a credit card and start bidding on many of the 3rd period class baskets and more.
It's not too late to register for our Live Virtual Key Event set for this Saturday, April 18! This will be a fun, one-of-a-kind event – family-friendly, come as you are. The evening will include entertainment, games and a live auction full of exciting experiences and trips. Sponsor a virtual table of 10 households for $1,000 or purchase households separately for $100 each. Register today! 
Drive-Thru Pick Up on Thursday
Powder Puff Shirts – any juniors or seniors who ordered Powder-puff shirts, you may pick up your shirt by driving through the circle in front of the Administration Office on Thursday, April 16, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Graduation Announcements, Caps and Gowns – all seniors who ordered from Jostens may drive through the circle at the school to pick up graduation items on Thursday, April 16, between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
Coronavirus Update
No change from yesterday’s (April 13) news – a BCHS family has been confirmed with cases of COVID-19. Please read yesterday’s Coronavirus Update for more information.

April 13, 2020 -- 5:30 PM  

Welcome Back      
We know that most of our time off during Spring Break was not what we had planned it would be, but we are hopeful that your time resting from school work and time spent with family (both in your homes and virtually) encouraged you and brought you joy.
We have now come into a time of rhythm and routine – the rest of the month will have a “normal” digital school schedule: Mondays are Tutor Days, Tuesday through Friday digital learning from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Before COVID-19 changed things on campus, our incoming freshman class (Class of 2024) was quickly growing, with many online applications coming in and interviews happening on campus. Having taken a break due to the coronavirus, our Admissions Office is ready to move forward to fill the Class of 2024 with students eager to become part of the BCHS family. If you have an incoming 9th grader or know of someone who does, contact our Admissions Director, Alice Abril, at aabril@bakersfieldchristian.com.
Re-enrollment for current students has been pushed back. Please watch for details forthcoming.
Jostens will be ON CAMPUS Thursday, April 16 from 9am to 1pm to allow seniors to pick up announcements, caps and gowns. Each senior who made an order with Jostens may drive through the circle at the school to pick up graduation items. If you did not make an order with Jostens and still need a cap and gown, call the school office to speak with Tarilyn Crabtree about your order.
The Key Event
It's not too late to register for our Live Virtual Key Event set for this Saturday, April 18! This will be a fun, one-of-a-kind event – family-friendly, come as you are. The evening will include entertainment, games and a live auction full of exciting experiences and trips. Sponsor a virtual table of 10 households for $1,000 or purchase households separately for $100 each. Register today! 
For the first time ever, anyone can bid on our silent auction running from April 15-17 (this Wednesday through Friday). That’s right - it's FREE to bid – sign in, register a credit card and start bidding on many of the 3rd period class baskets and more.
Yearbook Purchases
Yearbooks are available to purchase directly through Jostens.com until May 1. If you are not sure if you have already purchased a yearbook, please call the school office. We have a list of students who have yet to purchase yearbooks, so we can confirm if you have not yet purchased your yearbook.
Up-to-Date with Joe and Nate
The Student Life team is keeping us all up-to-date on social media these days. You can use @bakersfieldchristian to check them out on Instagram and @BCHSeagles on Facebook.
Coronavirus Update
We have been made aware of one of our students and family members have confirmed cases of COVID-19. Since this diagnosis comes one month from the last on-campus student interactions, we are confident that no exposure between this family and our BCHS community occurred.
We have made an extreme effort to keep our knowledge of any coronavirus news within our BCHS community clear, concise and respectful of those involved. Even with no threat of exposure to our students, this underscores the importance of following the shelter-in-place mandate from our governor. We prayerfully ask for quick healing of all those effected by COVID-19.

April 3, 2020 -- 6:45 PM  

AP Exams
The College Board (who control the AP exams) has determined that AP exams will be given the weeks of May 11-22. All AP exams have already been ordered for our AP students. A letter to AP students and parents will be sent out in the coming weeks. AP teachers will also be giving details about the exams to students through OnCampus.
The Key Event
The Virtual Live Event is set for April 18! This will be a fun, one-of-a-kind event – family friendly, come as you are. Sponsor a virtual table of 10 households for $1,000 or purchase households separately for $100 each. Visit The Key Event page where you can purchase admission, tables or make a donation.
For the first time ever, anyone can bid on our silent auction running from April 15-17. That's right, it's FREE to bid – sign in, register a credit card and start bidding on many of the 3rd period class baskets and more.
Spring Sports
The CIF (the state’s high school athletics governing body) has made the decision about spring sports. Please read the statement from CIF Executive Director, Ron Nocetti:
“The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) does not see an avenue for the spring sports season to continue. As such, in consultation today with the 10 Section Commissioners, the decision has been made to cancel spring Section, Regional, and State Championship events. We understand this is disappointing for everyone involved in education-based athletics and empathize with our student-athletes and all who are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. As always, our top priority is everyone's ongoing health and safety during this challenging time, and we all look forward to the day when education-based athletics resumes.”
The COVID-19 epidemic has taken so much from our students. This cancelation is no surprise to anyone, yet we still grieve for the time lost for our student athletes. We look ahead with hope for a strong season next year.
As per yesterday’s update, Semester 2 finals have been canceled. School will continue through May 22. Teaching will continue through the last day of school. Please refer back to the April 2 school update for more detailed information regarding this decision.
Yearbook Purchases
Yearbooks are available to purchase directly through Jostens.com until May 1. If you are not sure if you have already purchased a yearbook, please call the school office. We have a list of students who have yet to purchase yearbooks, so we can confirm if you have not yet purchased your yearbook.
Let’s try this again! – Jostens will be ON CAMPUS Thursday, April 16 from 9am to 1pm to allow seniors to pick up announcements, caps and gowns. Each senior who made an order with Jostens may drive through the circle at the school to pick up graduation items. If you did not make an order with Jostens and still need a cap and gown, call the school office to speak with Tarilyn Crabtree about your order.
The Senior Graduation Video is an important tradition at BCHS. This year we are including photos of seniors in their younger days (before high school). If you have any photos of seniors you would like included in the senior video, please send photos to bchseaglesr@gmail.com.
Up to Date with Joe and Nate
The Student Life team is keeping us all up-to-date on social media these days. Check out their newest video, “Minute to Win It!”. You can also use @bakersfieldchristian to check them out on Instagram and @BCHSeagles on Facebook.
Coronavirus Update
Again, good news – no new information.
Next Update Monday, April 13
We will be giving our Daily School Update a short break next week. This will be our last post until Monday, April 13, unless any time-sensitive information needs to be shared next week. Happy Holy Week and enjoy your Easter – He is Risen!

 2, 2020 -- 1:45 PM  

Finally, some good news!
We are canceling final exams for Semester 2. In the place of exams will be regular classes and typical chapter tests along the way. There are several reasons for canceling final exams and replacing these days with a regular teaching day (whether digital or in-person).
  • A reduction of stress.
  • Space for additional teaching days, which have recently been reduced due to the implementation of Monday Tutor Days.
  • Concern about the integrity of a semester final in a digital setting.
Here are some related items in regards to this decision:
  • 12th grade students – your last week of school will remain as scheduled, May 11-14, also without finals.
  •  9–11th grade students – your last day remains Friday, May 22.
  • The Semester 2 grade will obviously include no semester final exam. Therefore, the grade you have earned at the end of the semester without the final will be the grade you will receive for the semester.
  • Students sometimes plan on having the final exam grade lift their overall grade in a class. In reality, such an eventuality occurs on an extremely seldom basis, and obviously there won’t be such an opportunity this semester. The urgency of getting caught up on work prior to the end of the year becomes even more critical at this time.
  • While a majority of students have made a fairly strong transition to the digital learning in which BCHS has engaged, there are those who have found this transition to be more difficult. We have urged faculty to show grace in regards to grading due to the circumstances we are under. However, grades must still be earned. Give your teachers a reason to be generous in their grading! Complete your work on time; communicate, communicate, communicate; and don’t appear to be disengaged from the learning process. Again, we won’t “give away grades,” but we also are going to be more malleable than we generally are in grading. If you have fallen behind on your work, contact your teacher. You will find them helpful with getting caught up and/or better understanding material. However, you need to meet them halfway remembering that all grades are earned.
  • If you are struggling in your studies and need intervention, do not hesitate to contact your counselor (Ms. Cady or Mrs. Chandler). They stand ready to coordinate a plan for helping you to be successful.
  • We are waiting to hear more information on when the AP exams will be administered at BCHS. An answer to this will be forthcoming.
Decision Regarding Digital vs On-campus Education for the Remainder of the Year
It was less than a week ago that we decided to delay a return to on-campus education until at least May 4. Both locally as well as across the state, schools have already begun to make the decision to close on-campus education through the remainder of the school year. BCHS is not yet ready to make such a decision. In a sense, time is on our side. We have only just flipped the calendar to April. It makes sense to see what April brings in regards to the direction of the Coronavirus. It’s fairly obvious that our country is in for a very rough road over the next number of weeks. It seems that government officials and public policy are recognizing this by their words and actions. We will continue to carefully monitor the words and actions of our elected officials as we decide the direction education will take in May (and all the related school events which happen in May…graduation, prom, seniors last chapel, etc). Because of the significance of year-end activities, we will be patient and deliberate with our decision-making.
Tomorrow is the Last School Day Before Break!
By tomorrow, our first three weeks of digital learning will be complete. We are so proud of how well our teachers, staff, students and families have worked together. We have set a strong foundation for the weeks to come. Enjoy some time off and we’ll “see” you back at school (virtually) on April 14.
To Conclude
A benediction from Romans 15:5-6 – “May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” May that be our prayer today for the BCHS community.

April 1, 2020 -- 5:00 PM  

 The Key Event Basket Winners
The Key Event (April 18) is going virtual and so did our Key Event Basket Winners’ announcement! Thank you to all the 3rd period classes for contributing to a great silent-auction collection this year. Check out this video from “Up to Date with Joe and Nate” for the countdown to the top baskets: The Key Event Basket Winners 2020.
As is our tradition, we will be thanking our top two classes with a prize for their efforts. Like many things during this time, our method of recognition will change, but will occur! Stay tuned for more details to come.
SAT 1300 Celebration
In the midst of so much unknown, we want to celebrate a known achievement for a number of our BCHS juniors – the scores for the March 4 SAT taken on campus were released last week and we take a moment to recognize the students who earned a 1300 or higher on the SAT! Congratulations! Additionally, we are so proud of our junior class as a whole in the effort they showed in preparing for this particular test.
Jacqueline Benshoof
Lauren Buetow
Makenna Denney
Savannah Downs
Kyle Guinn
Hayden Jex
Ashlyn Kujala
Canon McClain
Vincent Medina
Tristan Metas
Makenna Pollema
Miguel Roman
Melissa Shaffer
Zachary Tisinger
Wren Wilkerson
Emma Wilson
Coronavirus Update
Good news – no new information.
Tech Support
Call 661-679-1311 when having trouble with iPads, connectivity, and/or general technical difficulties. Phone calls have proven more effective than email to solve tech problems.
Calendar Reminder
Reminder – Friday, April 3, is a full digital school day. Following this day, Spring Break begins!

MARCH 31, 2020 -- 4:00 PM  

 After a long update yesterday, a much shorter one today…
Questions and Concerns
Just a reminder…Susan Chandler, in the Counseling Department, is available to answer and/or help with any concerns you may have in this time of digital learning. Susan is available by email at schandler@bakersfieldchristian.com. You may also call the school office at 661-410-7000 and our office staff will connect you to Mrs. Chandler.
Coronavirus Update
Our news remains the same as yesterday – no new COVID-19 cases to report within our BCHS community. We continue to pray for the speedy recovery of those affected in Kern County and beyond.
Return to Campus
Important duplicate information from yesterday…Our new return to campus date is May 4. We will continue to keep you updated with any additional decisions about school dates/events.
That’s it for today!

MARCH 30, 2020 -- 4:50 PM  

Return to Campus
Our initial hope had been to return to campus for classes following Spring Break on April 14. With much consideration and taking into account the influence of local, state and federal mandates, we have made the decision to continue with our digital learning platform through May 1. We hope to have students return to the school campus the week of May 4. We don’t take this decision lightly, and have waited as long as possible to be able to monitor ongoing COVID-19 developments in order to take all information into account.
We realize that with this push back in return date more questions arise concerning end-of-the-year events such as prom and graduation. Please know that in a similar fashion to our decisions about students on campus over the last month, we take this very seriously and know how important these school events are to our students and families. We therefore want to be patient and deliberate in our resolutions. We will continue to keep you updated with any new decisions about school events.
Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning
With the recent implementation of Zoom for students and teachers, synchronous (live-time) education for our students through the digital platform is now a reality. Yet we know that providing both synchronous instruction (live-stream) and asynchronous instruction (teacher videos and other educational methodologies) in digital schooling is essential for our students and their learning outcomes. We have not only seen this evidenced from teacher/student feedback, but also have been supported by outside educational research that points to the combination of synchronous and asynchronous being most beneficial to student learning.
While synchronous learning may seem the closest replacement to in-classroom teaching, students and families need the flexibility and open timeframe to adjust to working from home –some students may have younger siblings to look after, while others may need to share the computer/internet speed with their family members. Asynchronous learning provides the time and space that students need to develop thoughtful participation and feedback in coursework (Nandi, Hamilton, & Harland, 2012).
We know that connecting students and teachers and counselors regularly is a high value of BCHS – it was on campus, and continues to be in the digital platform. Synchronous platforms (such as Zoom) allow real-time conversations which keep our students not only engaged in their academic pursuits, but also in their faith development, social growth, and in planning for their futures.  
We are committed to keeping a well-balanced digital platform with both synchronous and asynchronous learning during this time of virtual education. 
Zoom Check-Ins
We take pride in knowing each and every one of our students and their needs. We do not want this to be any different while using our digital platform. For this reason, our Counseling, Student Life and Academic teams are working together to have every student meet with school leadership to hear successes, frustrations, joys and challenges about this time of digital learning. The class leaders are listed below. Students – be sure to look for an invite to a small group meeting via Zoom on a Monday coming up soon.
Mrs. Chandler – Seniors
Ms. Cady – Juniors
Mr. Root – Sophomores
Mr. Cabalka – Freshmen
If any student would rather have an individual meeting, please contact the leader above to schedule.
Calendar Reminder 
Just a reminder – Friday, April 3, is a full digital school day. This was previously scheduled as a minimum day in anticipation of Spring Break. This Friday is now a regular (digital) school day.
Video Viewing
In response to many students’ frustration with download and buffering wait time for videos used in OnCampus, our faculty have now moved to a new provider (youtube.com) to use for videos in the digital classroom (still accessed through the lessons which are located within OnCampus). We hope that this alleviates some stress. We plan to continue to make adjustments similar to this one as we hear about school challenges at home that we can help to address.
The Key Event Goes Virtual!
We are planning a massive virtual event like no one has experienced! The Key Event, our annual fundraiser for student financial assistance, is still happening Saturday April 18. The silent auction sections will be open for online bidding for anyone to participate in Wednesday April 15 through Friday April 17. Saturday will be a night to remember with an online live auction, virtual contests, support a student and an incredible amount of money raised for financial assistance. Watch for details this week to secure your spot at the Live Auction event.
Coronavirus Update
We have good news with our reported precautions regarding those potentially exposed to the Coronavirus. We are happy to announce that all three of the individuals self-isolating and being tested have come back with negative COVID-19 tests. We continue to fly under the radar with the number of BCHS community members affected – from our knowledge, no student, faculty, or staff have Coronavirus at this time. We continue to pray for the speedy recovery of those affected in Kern County and beyond.

MARCH 26, 2020 -- 4:45 PM  

Key Event Goes Virtual!
Keep the already scheduled Key Event date of April 18 on your calendar– we are planning a massive virtual event like no one has experienced! The silent auction sections will be open for online bidding for anyone to participate in Wednesday April 15 through Friday April 17. Saturday will be a night to remember with an online live auction, virtual contests, support a student and an incredible amount of money raised for financial assistance. Details will come your way early next week as to how you can participate and secure your spot at the Live Auction event.
Check us out on Facebook
We have transitioned our student body announcements to our BCHS Facebook page. See what Student Life is up to while we are not on campus together.
Calendar Reminder
Just a reminder – no school tomorrow (Friday). Enjoy your three-day weekend! Monday is our first Tutor Day. Teachers will be available to help with assignments or lessons from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. This is a great day to get caught up on any missing assignments and/or ask teachers to clarify any confusing material.
Important information has been sent to all juniors and parents regarding SAT scores. Be sure to read the message from Ms. Cady sent in a text earlier today.
Coronavirus Update
Our update remains similar to that of yesterday’s news – no new cases reported and awaiting one test. BCHS will continue to focus on more direct contact of which we are aware.
Last Update for the Week
Today’s update will be the last for this week, as we do not have school tomorrow (Friday). Thanks for your ongoing partnership as we continue to embark on our digital learning voyage. Look for our next Daily School Update on Monday, March 30. Enjoy the long weekend!

MARCH 25, 2020 -- 5:00 PM 

Return to School
As many of you are aware, Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS) has made the decision for all public schools to return to campus at earliest in May, instead of April. BCHS leadership is not yet ready to make the same decision for our school. Our goal to make timely decisions remains based upon gathering as many facts as possible and being patient in the process to make the most informed decision for our students. It is possible, even likely, that BCHS might take a similar path to that chosen by KCSOS schools. We in no way are questioning the decision made by the public schools. However, because we have a greater autonomy at the building level for making decisions, we would like to first see how local, national and world events unfold over the next number of days. 
Calendar Reminder
Friday – no school, enjoy a three-day weekend
Monday – 1st Tutor Day – contact your teacher to ask for any help or guidance throughout the school day (9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). *Note: availability start time is later on Monday due to a weekly faculty meeting being held from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Students & Parents!
The opportunity we have to make an impact for the kingdom of God in this time remains on the forefront of our minds. Yesterday’s post about “Spiritual Significance” is important to consider in continuing to challenge everyone to take action where we can.
Even though we are in a strange stand-still with end-of-the-year senior events, we have two exciting updates for you!
  1. A text was sent earlier today to you to vote for “Senior Bests.” This is always a fun part of our yearbook and we want to be sure that is not lost this year. From the text (sent to seniors only), follow the link to the survey and submit by midnight tonight (Wednesday). Winners will be contacted tomorrow (Thursday).
  2. Watch for details coming to you about a special Zoom small group session with Mrs. Chandler to discuss numerous topics surrounding the end of your senior year.
SAT scores are coming to you tomorrow! We are excited to hear from you. Feel free to contact Mr. Buetow and/or Mr. Chai to let them know your score as students will see SAT scores before our BCHS leadership.
Our scheduled trip to see Hamilton at the Pantages Theatre on April 17 has been canceled. The Pantages will be issuing the school a full refund, and we will be sending that refund on to you as soon as our Business Office can process them. You can expect to see your refund within the next month. We still hope to have the opportunity to see Hamilton in late summer/fall. If/Once a date is chosen, the ticketing process will begin anew.
Viewing Videos
We are training faculty this coming Monday in a new way to upload videos which will improve your downloading experience at home. Look for improvement in this area by next Tuesday.
Tech Support
Call 661-679-1311 when having trouble with iPads, connectivity, and/or general technical difficulties. Phone calls have proven more effective than email to solve tech problems.
Coronavirus Update
Our update remains similar to that of yesterday’s news – no new cases reported and awaiting one test. BCHS will continue to focus on more direct contact of which we are aware.

MARCH 24, 2020 -- 5:00 PM

Spiritual Significance
As a school there has been a focus of getting our brick-and-mortar academic product transitioned to a digital platform. With feedback from you, we are hearing that our digital learning platform has been a success. We are so thankful to our hardworking faculty and our diligent students in keeping our academics a high priority.
As important as our academic success is, we know that the intertwinement of Christian, spiritual growth and exposure to God’s Word as part of the BCHS student life experience is equally critical to our school’s existence. Under normal circumstances, our leadership takes very seriously this impact to students while on our campus. In this time of shelter-in-place and digital learning, we want you to know that we continue to keep spiritual growth and a focus on God a significant part of the BCHS experience. We cannot, and will not, give up our spiritual impact to our students and our community in this time. We urge you to consider impacting your family and your community for Jesus Christ in this unique setting. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  1. Write a note of encouragement to a neighbor, friend or family member who lives alone and share with them the comfort and peace we find in Jesus as believers.
  2. Call someone close to you and ask how they are and how you can specifically be praying for them in this time – because you know that God hears our concerns and is faithful to answer.
  3. Consider and act on the physical needs of those nearby you – (while keeping appropriate social distancing) make a meal for another, bring some essential groceries to their doorstep, leave school/activity supplies for a neighbor’s children at the door with a note that lets them know God is the ultimate Provider.
Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is not always easy or comfortable. For those who are believers, we say: take this opportunity to grow in your spiritual boldness, take a step toward someone in need to share how God has impacted your life. And for those who may not be ready to share about God, we say: take this time to read the Bible, ask questions of believers around you, and find out from Christians why Jesus Christ is so significant.
Our prayer is that our entire BCHS family (students, parents, siblings, grandparents, host parents, alumni, supporters) would make an impact for the kingdom of God in this difficult time.
Coronavirus Update
Our update remains similar to that of yesterday’s news – no new cases reported and awaiting one test. We have learned, though, that a student’s grandparent was diagnosed with coronavirus two weeks ago and has been self-isolated since. No one else in the family has experienced symptoms, and the grandparent is doing very well. As the number of cases in Kern County continues to grow, it will become nearly impossible to communicate cases such as this…we are each likely to know and possibly have interacted with someone who will have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. BCHS will continue to focus on more direct contact of which we are aware.
This virtual, real-time teaching tool should now be available on student iPads. Please contact IT immediately if you are having difficulty setting up your account. Please refer to Zoom expectations in yesterday’s (March 23) Daily School Update.
Viewing Videos
We recognize some frustration with viewing videos in our digital platform. Teachers are making adjustments in hopes to relieve some of this frustration. We are working with our IT Department to solve this problem quickly. We will have more information on this front in the coming days.
Tech Support
Please know that technical issues are most easily remedied with a phone call to our IT Department. Call 661-679-1311 when having trouble with iPads, connectivity, and/or general technical difficulties. To reiterate: calling is proving more effective than email to solve tech problems.
Office Phone Calls
We are so pleased that our staff can continue to serve our BCHS families through a simple phone call to the office. We are committed to clear communication with you and this includes fielding any questions you may have during this time. Feel free to call our office (661-410-7000) with any questions that arise. We are happy to help!
SAT Scores
SAT scores will be sent to juniors on Thursday (please not this is different from the Wednesday date indicated yesterday)  from the College Board. Feel free to contact Mr. Buetow and/or Mr. Chai to let them know your score. Students will see SAT scores before our BCHS leadership, so we are anxious to hear from you!
We received news today that the Pantages Theatre has canceled all shows up to April 19. Our Hamilton trip, scheduled for April 17, has therefore been canceled. At this point, Hamilton will be continuing its run through the summer and into the fall. We are hopeful that we can reschedule our trip for later this year. We will not be making any decisions for the next few weeks while we navigate these uncertain times. Please watch for further details including plans for refunds or rescheduling in the coming weeks.

MARCH 23, 2020 -- 4:00 PM

Digital Learning
Faculty have recently been trained on a video conferencing program called Zoom. Zoom will allow BCHS teachers to provide synchronous (live-stream) instruction, answer questions directly, and monitor academic behavior. This virtual classroom is yet another resource we plan on utilizing to enhance your student’s learning experience. The IT Department is currently adding the Zoom App to all students’ iPads. Your student will receive an email from Zoom inviting your student to ‘activate your Zoom account.’  Follow the directions to create a Zoom account. 
While Zoom is a great tool for teachers to teach synchronously, we generally will not require students to be at all Zoom meetings in real time. Each teacher will generally record Zoom meetings so that students can access the information at a later time. When possible, we encourage all students to attend Zoom meetings so that direct contact can be made with teachers and classmates, but we understand the limitations of families’ screen time.
As with all technical abilities offered on the school-issued iPads, we expect all students to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy (signed at the beginning of the year) and conduct themselves with respect and appropriateness when using Zoom. Specifically, it is BCHS’ expectation that students will only utilize the Zoom application on the iPad when directed by faculty, not for interpersonal use. As with all technology applications related to BCHS, the school assumes no responsibility for student misuse or abuse of the technology.
As in any classroom, a set of norms are required to guide learning. Our virtual classroom norms include:
  1. If you would not do it while in physical class, do not do it while in digital class.
  2. Students must have a quiet area with good lighting available to participate in a Zoom session when video is permitted.
  3. There must be a wall behind the student when participating in video sessions.
  4. Students need to remain on “mute” while the teacher and classmates are speaking.
  5. Students must use the Response Icon to “raise a hand” to be called upon as time permits for participation.
  6. All verbal and group chat responses should stay on topic pertaining to the material being covered specifically in class. Breakout Session Room Discussions must be structured and on topic. Participants must take turns sharing their ideas with consideration given to other group participants. Teachers will be dropping in on all break out session rooms at random times to ask questions of participants conducting discussions. 
  7. All meetings and breakout sessions are recorded and will be made available to students following the meeting in a designated area provided by the teacher.
  8. Students must also follow any additional guidelines given by a teacher in each Zoom meeting, which may not be included in this list.
  9. No recording of a Zoom session may be posted or screen shots taken for any purpose other than view by the students and teacher in the class.
  10. Zoom is a privilege that may be revoked if any of the above norms are not followed. In the event of misuse, BCHS academic discipline applies to all areas of synchronous learning.
These synchronous learning norms are critical for students to follow during all Zoom sessions. Zoom will help us continue to serve your student’s learning needs during this time of “shelter-in-place.” If you are having any trouble with this program please contact our IT Department:
Monday, Tutor Day
After today, Mondays will be considered “Tutor Day” for faculty and students. Tutor Day will allow for students and teachers to reset and evaluate any specific needs or changes for the class, and communicate on a one-on-one or small group basis for help. No new instruction will occur on Mondays. This is a great time for students to reach out to particular teachers with questions, concerns and/or help in certain subjects. Though Mondays may be a “lighter” work day for students, we hope that students will take advantage of this time with teachers and assignments.
All teachers will be available for virtual tutoring to students on Mondays from 8am to 3:30 p.m. Teachers may use their virtual office hours to invite students to group study sessions, but these study sessions will not be a requirement.
Take a Break
Just a brief, yet important, reminder: Students – please remember to take breaks throughout the school day. Just like any other school day, take a lunch break, take a walk away from screen, talk with your friends, and then come back to dig in to digital learning.
School Campus
The school office and campus have moved to virtual operations. Faculty/staff are working from home. Phone calls to the office will be forwarded to an off-campus location and answered by office staff.
If a student must get on campus, call the school office to coordinate a time when security will be present.
School Calendar
3/27 – No School
3/30 – Tutor Day, no class instruction
4/3 – Full School Day (no minimum day)
4/4-4/.13 – Spring Break*
*Though Spring Break will be a break for teachers and students, please continue to stay alert to all BCHS communication. As the April 14 return date approaches, we will be clearly communicating the expectation to either return to campus or continue digital learning as we determine what is best for our community.
AP Exams
AP teachers should be communicating any changes in the AP exam process. Contact Mrs. Chandler if you have any questions regarding AP exams.
SAT scores should be sent to you by the College Board on Wednesday. Feel free to contact Mr. Buetow and/or Mr. Chai to let them know your score. Students will see SAT scores before our BCHS leadership, so we are anxious to hear from you!
Please continue to let Mrs. Chandler know about any college acceptances. Even though you are not on campus together, we still want to celebrate with you!
Coronavirus Update
There has been a great deal of prayer raised and concern expressed regarding yesterday’s coronavirus news as pertains to one of our students.  We have learned that the test came back and the student DID NOT have coronavirus, and neither was nor is contagious.  However, the student remains hospitalized and still needs prayer support.  We also learned that another of the three individuals about whom we have been giving updates also received a test back showing no coronavirus.  We are still awaiting word on one other case in which a BCHS community member had self-quarantined pending a test result of an individual with whom he/she had been in contact.
We expect that in the coming days we may have news of others who have sought medical attention due to health concerns and/or have been tested for coronavirus.  In fact, we had one such instance today where an individual sought medical attention and is awaiting word as to whether the coronavirus is present.  Such situations will likely be repeated quite continually across the United States in the weeks/ perhaps months to come.  Again, we will keep you appropriately updated.

MARCH 22, 2020 -- 10:45 AM

Dear BCHS Community,
This morning, I texted you information concerning an individual in our school community who has been hospitalized with what the doctors believe to be coronavirus. The actual test for coronavirus has not yet been returned, but the symptoms have resulted in treatment as if it were the virus. 
A few questions likely arise. Let me try to anticipate them.
  • “What can I do?”
  1. Pray for the individual and family…for healing and for a peace that passes all understanding

  2. Continue to shelter-in-place

  3. Continue to monitor for symptoms

  4. Contact your doctor if symptoms arise

  • “Who is it?”
  1. I understand the desire to know whom we’re talking about. The most that I believe is appropriate to share is that the individual is a student at BCHS. The school should not be sharing additional details about the identity of the student.

  • “Why is the school not willing to share additional details about the identity of the individual?”
  1. The response that all members of our school community should be having to the coronavirus remain unchanged whether or not a specific name is released. We have been told by government officials to shelter-in-place and to monitor for symptoms. Knowing the specific identity of an individual does not change this response.  Whether there is/is not a confirmed case of coronavirus in any specific community within California, we are all to be operating under the assumption that we have been exposed to the virus. This is a large part of the rationale behind shelter-in-place.

  2. The individual about whom we are talking is a minor. Sharing such information is therefore not appropriate.

  3. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) should be adhered to.  With coronavirus, HIPAA is a bit tricky…trying to balance individual privacy with the desire for community transparency. The majority of journalism right now seems to be willing to share general details (the name of a community in which a resident resides…sometimes even more specific), but generally leaving out names. By making you aware that a specific case has very likely been contracted by a student at BCHS, we are allowing for a transparency that appropriately heightens an already on-guard community. Personally, I am operating under the assumption that I came into contact with this individual. Might I have sat in a seat or touched a door handle which this individual also sat in or touched?  Yes. I simply don’t know, though. But this is also my thought process in regards to all things in which I come into contact and with the general population as a whole. My reaction? To shelter-in-place and to watch for symptoms. 

  • What is the incubation period for coronavirus?
  1. As of March 9, the World Health Organization indicates “most estimates of the incubation period for Covid-19 range from 1-14 days, most commonly around five days.” Other research I’ve seen indicates similar data, with some showing a few outliers greater than 14 days. The student would last have been on campus on Friday, March 13. With that in mind, we are already nine days beyond that particular date. However, others on campus last week may have been exposed to the virus more recently than that. Additionally, if you think as I do, I’m under the assumption I’m potentially (perhaps even likely) exposed to the virus anytime I leave the house, even for essential services. Again, this reemphasizes the importance of the shelter-in-place mandate.
As throughout the coronavirus crisis, BCHS will continue to be transparent with our community in ways which are appropriate and lawful. I appreciate your incredible support as we work through this situation as a school, city, state, country and world. In closing, let’s continue to commit to each other that we meet our civic duties in response to the coronavirus and that we lift this situation and all situations up to the Lord in prayer.
In Christ,
John Buetow
BCHS President

MARCH 20, 2020 -- 4:00 PM

Digital Learning
A really excellent first week of digital learning. Keep up the great work!
One piece of feedback we have been consistently receiving revolves around the amount of work being expected. It is good that you are being challenged! Yet we also sense that the pace and number of assignments, along with the circumstances regarding responsibilities while at home, might be difficult to maintain over a period of time. For that reason, we have decided to make Mondays of each week (starting on Monday, March 30…not next Monday, March 23 since the faculty is completing an in-service on that day) a tutoring day on which students can reach out to faculty who will be more than willing to offer their virtual tutoring services. Therefore, on future Mondays no digital classes will be held, nor any new homework assigned. We believe this alteration to the schedule will be highly beneficial. Again, this change has been made based upon the feedback we have received from you.
At some point this next week we are going to be utilizing Zoom as a part of our digital learning platform. Zoom will become a part of our educational delivery package, but will in no way be used exclusively. More will follow on this next week. 
Tech Support
Remains available every school day to students 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Online help – 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. through http://hd.bakersfieldchristian.com. Please give up to 30 minutes for response time when utilizing the online help. You will need your school user name and password to submit an online help request. 
  • By Phone – call 661-679-1311
School Campus:
As of today, the school office and campus have moved to virtual operations. Faculty/staff are working from home. Phone calls to the office will still be answered by office staff.

School Calendar
3/23 – Teacher In-Service, no class instruction
3/24 – School Day
3/25 – School Day
3/26 – School Day
3/27 – No School
3/30 – Tutor Day, no class instruction
3/31 – School Day
4/1 – School Day
4/2 – School Day
4/3 – School Day
4/6-13 – Spring Break

BCHS Student Life wants our student body to stay connected in this time. Follow “bchs.life” on Instagram or watch the BCHS Facebook page for fun, light-hearted updates from the staff and faculty on campus.

Coronavirus update on symptomatic and potentially exposed BCHS individuals:
The status quo remains – hopeful news on one situation; no additional news on the two others, though both have now been tested and are awaiting results. We will continue to provide you immediate updated information on other individuals with potential exposure or diagnosis.

Have a most excellent weekend.
God’s blessings to each of you and your families.

MARCH 19, 2020 -- 2:30 PM

  1. Length of Daily Updates: It is probably noticeable that these daily updates are getting shorter. We simply do not want to unnecessarily repeat information. The shorter length does not mean these updates are less important, though! Please make sure to take note of all information which is included. All previous updates can be viewed on the home page of BakersfieldChristian.com.
  2. Digital Learning: In an effort to educationally prepare for any potential “shelter-in-place” mandate, our teachers will be teaching digitally from their homes tomorrow, Friday, March 20. Please be patient with any hiccups that occur tomorrow while teachers are navigating teaching from a location other than their own BCHS classroom.
  3. School Calendar Clarification: Tomorrow, Friday, March 20 – DIGITAL learning is in session. We have fielded a few calls asking if school was being held on campus tomorrow. It is not. To clarify, school is not being held on campus tomorrow, but is occurring through digital learning.
  4. Next Monday: Remember that there is no school next Monday, March 23. Enjoy your three-day weekend!
  5. Seniors: Jostens will be on campus tomorrow, Friday, March 20, from 9-11am. Graduation announcements, caps and gowns may be picked up outside the Administration Office.   
  6. BCHS Student Life wants our student body to stay connected in this time. Follow “bchs.life” on Instagram or watch the BCHS Facebook page for fun, light-hearted updates from the staff and faculty on campus.
  7. Coronavirus update on symptomatic and potentially exposed BCHS individuals: Remains the same from yesterday – hopeful news on one situation; no additional news on the two others. We will continue to provide you immediate updated information on other individuals with potential exposure or diagnosis.
  8. For those keeping track, the Cleveland Browns have again been recognized for having the best off-season moves in pro football. Looks like an AFC championship match-up of the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns. 

MARCH 18, 2020 -- 3:00 PM

Digital Learning
    Repeat reminder from yesterday (but it’s extremely important)…each student should check all classes no later than 8:45 a.m. every school day.
      PARENTS – In an effort to stay informed, please log in to your OnCampus account to view your student’s activity. Teachers may also be communicating to you directly through OnCampus.

      Also, a repeat reminder…school calendar changes include:
      • March 20 – School will be in session all day, NO MINIMUM DAY
      • March 23 – NO SCHOOL, teacher in-service
      • March 27 – NO SCHOOL
      General Update
      BCHS Student Life wants our student body to stay connected in this time. Follow “bchs.life” on Instagram or watch the BCHS Facebook page for fun, light-hearted updates from the staff and faculty on campus.

      Update on symptomatic and potentially exposed BCHS individuals: Hopeful news on one situation; no additional news on the two others.  We will continue to provide you immediate updated information on other individuals with potential exposure or diagnosis.

      SENIORS – Jostens will be on campus on Friday, March 20, from 9-11am. Graduation announcements, caps and gowns may be picked up in the circle outside the Administration Office.

      That’s it for today. Keep up the academic discipline you are showing in working through the digital learning process.

      MARCH 17, 2020 -- 1:30 PM

      Digital Learning Updates

      Each student should check all classes no later than 8:45 a.m. every school day to help schedule out class assignments and requirements given by each teacher. Some teachers may encourage students to be online during a certain time frame, so it is beneficial to have a plan laid out for the day. 

      Teacher Virtual Office Hours – these are times when teachers are specifically available for questions, comments and/or discussions. These do not necessarily represent the times you need to complete the assigned work for that particular subject. Again, by looking at all class lesson plans by 8:45 a.m. on a daily basis, students will best be able to plan out each day’s learning activities
      • Bible: 9-10:30 a.m. 
      • Social Studies: 10-11:30 a.m.
      • Math: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
      • Science: 12-1:30 p.m.
      • English: 1-2:30 p.m.
      • World Languages/Electives: 2-3:30 p.m.

      Why not synchronous (live) instruction? Two-way, live-stream education is an avenue we are considering. However, synchronous instruction has its own set of teaching and learning challenges.
      • Privacy for our students and teachers is a concern. In the best scenario, students would be able to verbally interact with the teacher and students, while only having a visual feed of the teacher.  Having a group of 25 students being able to view each other from the privacy of their own home could be problematic.
      • Maximum flexibility is also a major consideration. During this challenging time, we know students are caring for siblings or helping out at home in different ways and we want to be cautious of the “live” requirements we ask of students.  If we do pursue synchronous instruction, we will also work to make certain the session will be recorded and can viewed at a later time.

        Constructive feedback is helpful to teachers as we all adjust to digital teaching/learning. Any concerns or frustrations should be shared with Susan Chandler (schandler@bakersfieldchristian.com or 661-410-7000).  Additionally, direct constructive feedback to the teacher is beneficial. 

          Tech Support is available every school day/night to students from 8 a.m.  to 10 p.m.
          • In-person, on-campus: Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (during school days) 
          • Online help – 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. through http://hd.bakersfieldchristian.com.  Please give up to 30 minutes for response time when utilizing the online help. You will need your school user name and password to submit an online help request. 
          • By Phone – call 661-679-1311
            We have heard two overarching concerns today (amidst many positive comments). 
            • The first concern simply can be summarized as getting used to this new reality (knowing to check all lesson plans first at the beginning of each school day, knowing where to look for assignments, clarification regarding teacher expectations, etc).  We believe that already by day two, many of these concerns/questions will have been resolved.  Please note, though, the urgency in staying up-to-date on a daily basis with all work.  We don’t want to see a negative cumulative impact from falling behind
            • The second concern relates to internet access.  If you don’t have internet access at home, we encourage you to find an isolated place which has free public Wi-Fi, or students may utilize the BCHS Wi-Fi on-campus in a secluded location (in which case you will first need to check-in with Mr. Porter).

            The school calendar has been adjusted to better suit the digital learning format. Calendar changes include:
            • March 20 – School will be in session all day, NO MINIMUM DAY
            • March 23 – NO SCHOOL, teacher in-service
            • March 27 – NO SCHOOL
            A number of students have make-up tests to complete dating back to the 3rd quarter/first week of the 4th quarter. Make-up testing from these past time periods will be available to students following these steps:

            Contact teacher to set up day and time for make-up test.

            A student has two options: (1) Come to campus where we will have the make-up test given in an empty room or outdoors (weather permitting) or
            (2) the student’s parent/student may come to the office to pick-up the make-up test.  If this option is chosen, a parent/guardian will be required to proctor the test at home.

            Take-home make-up tests will need to be returned promptly to the office.

            In an effort to continue to be transparent, we are now aware of two people from BCHS who have suspicious coronavirus symptoms. Neither has yet been diagnosed with coronavirus. Getting tested remains a challenge. At least one additional individual has self-quarantined due to being exposed to a potential coronavirus case (which has also not yet been diagnosed).  We will continue to keep you updated on their status.

            12th grade students - Jostens will soon have graduation announcements, caps and gowns on campus for pick-up. Watch for details in the coming days. When this occurs, Jostens will have a table set-up outside in front of the Administration Office from which you will be able to pick up your items.

            Campus hours have shifted to accommodate our new format:
            • Administration Office open 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
            • Campus closes at 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday
            • Campus closed on Saturday and Sunday
            The Hamilton musical has not yet been canceled. Currently, the Pantages Theatre has only closed the Hamilton production through March 31. More updates to follow.

            We are so pleased with the effort our students are demonstrating as we face this new short-term (hopefully!) learning reality.  We truly are blessed with an outstanding student body.

            Please continue to keep Bakersfield, our state, our country, and our world in your prayers during these challenging times.

            MARCH 16, 2020 -- 1:10PM

            Dear BCHS Students and Parents/Guardians,
            Our school administration, faculty and staff are working diligently to adjust plans according to the advice of public health officials to keep our community safe, while at the same time still focusing on our ministry of educating students in the best way possible. We hope this letter will help answer many questions regarding current school operations. As a reminder, the dates listed below are subject to change as needed. 
            Below are the latest updates for BCHS:
            • BCHS Digital Learning is initiated from Tuesday, March 17 – Friday, April 3. Easter break is scheduled for Saturday, April 4 – Monday, April 13 and will be fully observed. We are hoping to resume on-campus classes following Easter break on Tuesday, April 14.
            • There will be no digital learning classes held next Monday, March 23. This will be a training day for all faculty to assess the implementation of digital learning and make adjustments for the following weeks.
            • ALL BCHS athletics are canceled through at least Monday, April 13. This includes any team practices and games.  The weight room is also closed through Monday, April 13. Additionally, the campus is closed for any student recreation…no sand volleyball, no throwing the football on the field, no utilization of the track, etc.
            • ALL BCHS activities on and off campus are postponed or canceled through Monday, April 13. This includes the Spring Musical, athletic banquets, field trips, committee meetings, etc.
            • Office hours remain: 7:45 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Social distancing policies are enforced while inside in the building.  Students and parents are welcome on campus as needs arise, as long as social distancing is maintained. Examples of times students might need to be on campus include getting supplies which were not brought home last week, receiving iPad assistance and repair, and addressing learning needs which can’t be handled through technology. 
            • AP practice exams will not be held on campus. AP practice exams may be administered through digital learning, if possible.  At this point, the official College Board AP exams will still be given, though the test administration date may be changed.
            • Digital learning is different from typical online education. Online education tends to forego pacing. In other words, on-line education typically allows students to frontload or backload work.  We don’t believe that such an approach is in our students’ best interest.  Our students are used to being educated on a daily basis with teacher interaction on a consistent basis. Our digital learning approach requires such regular teacher/student interaction. To this end, students are required to log-in for their daily assignments each day when digital school is in session. As an aside – a recent Facebook post from a parent living in another state went something like this: ”My student just finished her math assignments for the next one month in a single morning. What am I going to do with her for the next number of weeks?” We don’t believe that such an approach to distance learning is effective – consequently our unique approach.
            • Please note that an Honor Code Statement to all students and parents will be given and required to be signed and dated for all digital work.
            • Technical support to students during this digital learning period will be available by our IT department from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.  Technical support is available in-person, on-campus from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday when school is in session. Online help is available from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. through http://hd.bakersfieldchristian.com. Please give up to 30 minutes for response time when utilizing the online help. You will need your school user name and password to submit an online help request.  You can also call for technical support at 661-679-1311.
            • Parents and students who have a question or concern with the implementation of digital learning should contact Susan Chandler at schandler@bakersfieldchristian.com or by calling the school (661-410-7000).  Concerns may include, but are not limited to, faculty lesson plans not being posted by the required time; unclear lesson plans; assignments taking an inordinate amount of time; and assignments/projects/tests not being graded in a timely manner.
            • Faculty must post all lesson plans between 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. on a daily basis. In other words, tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) lesson plans must be posted between 6:00 p.m. tonight (Monday) and 7:30 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday). Lesson plans will be posted for classes on Monday – Friday. 
            • Unless otherwise noted, all assignments are required to be turned in by 11:59 p.m. of the date assigned. In other words, these assignments are what otherwise would have been considered classwork or traditional homework. Longer term assignments will have a due date/time stated. 
            • Faculty will give students specific guidelines as to whether assignments/projects/tests are to be completed independently or done in collaboration with others. 
            • Students are able to come on campus to pick-up any needed materials or get tech support from the IT department.
            • There will be no “block schedule” during this digital learning period.  All classes will assume to be meeting on a daily basis.
            • We are working on the possibility of having individual/small group tutoring sessions in the future. Such an occurrence would begin, at earliest, next week.  Such sessions would be totally optional.
            • All faculty will have virtual office hours to facilitate student learning or answer questions.
              • Bible:  9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
              • Social Studies:  10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
              • Math:  11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
              • Science:  12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
              • English:  1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
              • World Languages and Electives:  2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
            • Student absences due to sickness generally should not be an issue due to this digital platform.  If a student can’t complete work due to sickness, please call the attendance office by 8:00 a.m.  Work will be expected to be made-up. 
            As always, you are welcome to contact our office at 661-410-7000 with any questions you might have. We are happy to help. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to do what is best for our BCHS community.  God’s blessings to you!
            In Christ,
            John Buetow
            BCHS President

            MARCH 15, 2020 -- 3:20 PM

            BCHS on-campus classes canceled 
            BCHS will be canceling on-campus classes beginning tomorrow, Monday, March 16th. This decision is based upon additional tightening of measures, though not school related, just announced by Governor Newsom in relation to the Coronavirus. Online classes will begin Tuesday. More information to follow tomorrow (Monday) morning.

            MARCH 13, 2020

            Dear BCHS Students and Parents/Guardians,
            Today’s update on actions taken as a result of the Coronavirus is occurring a bit later in the day due to the ongoing rapidly changing landscape in regards to this virus. The following items are of note:
            • First, the question as relates to school on everyone’s mind: “Are we still having on-campus schooling next week?” For now, yes. Updates on the Coronavirus and its impact on society are occurring at a dizzying pace. I suspect that the next 24-48 hours will bring additional information/data which will assist in helping to make the most informed decision as to whether or not to continue teaching classes on campus. There are a great many factors which go into deciding what is best for our students and families in regards to remaining in school or temporarily transitioning to a digital teaching/learning platform. Because we are at a Friday afternoon, I’d like to take the time the weekend provides to gather additional data. Data I will continue to monitor in making a decision includes the following items: the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Bakersfield and Kern County (understanding that due to limited testing this number may/may not be an accurate representation); statements coming forth from our national, state and local governments/agencies; feedback I am hearing from students, faculty/staff, parents and members of our administrative team; and decisions made by other local schools/school districts. Know that I am also covering this decision in prayer. I have heard from many of you that I am not alone in doing so. Thank-you...and please continue to keep all impacted by this pandemic in your prayers as well.
            • All BCHS athletic practices and contests remain canceled until further notice.
            • Powderpuff and Ironman are postponed. This includes practices for these events.
            • All BCHS non-athletic, extracurricular activities taking place outside of Kern County are canceled until further notice.
            • Spirit Week is also being postponed. The picture-taking associated with Spirit Week makes social distancing (referenced below) difficult to maintain.
            • Social distancing remains in full effect. Studies show that social distancing is critical in diminishing the impact of viruses, in general, and the Coronavirus, specifically. On a side note, our students have been incredibly cooperative with enacting social distancing as the new norm.
            • Next week’s schedule will be as follows – Monday and Tuesday standard schedule; Wednesday and Thursday block schedule; and Friday a minimum day schedule.
            • We had a good trial run with digital instruction today. There were many lessons learned which will allow us to be at optimal effectiveness should digital instruction become necessary.
            Any updates prior to Monday will be texted and also posted on the website.

            In Christ,
            John Buetow, BCHS President

            MARCH 12, 2020 -- 11:30 AM

            The safety, health, and well-being of all Bakersfield Christian High School students and families, faculty and staff, as well as the extended Bakersfield community is the priority of the leadership of BCHS.
            Per the guidance of the California Department of Public Health, the following actions have been taken to ensure everyone’s safety while on campus.  Effective immediately:
            • Social distancing has been implemented at BCHS.  Classroom environments have been adjusted to practice a safe space between students, and doors have been opened to minimize contact with metal surfaces and maximize ventilation in the classroom.  More information on social distancing can be found here.
            • At break, students have been required to spread out over campus.  Towards this end, the Student Union has been closed during breaktimes. 
            • Students have been assigned specific areas to sit and eat during lunchtimes to reduce overcrowding of indoor spaces.
            • Due to the large group nature of schoolwide assemblies, chapels have been suspended and will be replaced by daily devotions.
            • All athletic practices and games are canceled for today (Thursday). Further updates regarding athletics will be forthcoming.
            • Given federal travel advisories, the Travel Club Trip to Greece has been postponed.  More information regarding this postponement will be provided.
            • The Honors Academy College Tour Trip has been postponed because many college campuses including some on the itinerary have been closed to visitors.  More information regarding this postponement will be provided.
            • BCHS faculty members are proactively preparing to provide modified instruction in the case of a prolonged campus closure.  While our hope is to avoid a campus closure, we are preparing to be a model digital instruction provider if necessary.
            Look for regular updates here on this site.

            MARCH 11, 2020 -- 3:04 PM

            Dear Parents/Guardians,
            And lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.” These are Jesus’ final words to His disciples as recorded in Matthew 28:20. It is only appropriate to reiterate this verse at the beginning of a correspondence which focuses upon a topic such as Coronavirus. Nearly 2000 years ago, our Lord and Savior offered these words of confidence to His followers; as with all Scripture they still ring true today.  While the remainder of this letter focuses upon BCHS’ reaction to the Coronavirus in the year 2020, our hearts and minds can remain fixed on the eternal promise of God’s presence in our lives. I pray you feel His peace during not only this particular viral outbreak, but also during the many challenges we face on this side of eternity. What a privilege it is to be able to share these words with you as an administrator at a Christian high school.
            As I’m sure is the case with most, Coronavirus has very much been on the mind of BCHS’ administrative leadership. It may sound cliché, but we don’t want to overreact or underreact – either of these responses can have serious repercussions. Instead, we’re attempting to be prudent – discerning when to lead, follow, speak and listen.  
            To that end, BCHS’ response remains similar to that of the last few weeks. The following are urgent steps that should be taken by all members of our school community:
            • Stay home if you are sick! The CDC has indicated that the main symptoms of Coronavirus include a fever, cough, and shortness of breath.  These symptoms may appear between 2-14 days after exposure. Our faculty will work with absent students to assist getting them caught-up.  
            • Go to the doctor if you suspect you may have Coronavirus. If necessary, the doctor will refer you for further evaluation.
            • Wash/disinfect your hands frequently, following proper washing/disinfecting protocols.
            • Avoid unnecessary direct contact with others (handshakes, etc).
            • We have adjusted our school’s cleaning protocols in order to disinfect high frequency touch areas on a daily basis.
            • If you have further questions about the Coronavirus, the Kern County Health Department has a fairly comprehensive website. 
            For now, these are the steps we are taking and encouraging. As you know, updates as to the spread of the Coronavirus and resultant actions being taken are occurring at a rapid pace. We are carefully monitoring the situation to determine what other steps might become prudent.  Know that we’re actively preparing for different contingencies. 
            For those involved in the Honors Academy College Tour and/or the Travel Club’s trip to Greece, additional correspondences will be forthcoming this week as to a final determination relating to the trips’ viability.
            Do not hesitate to contact the school administration with questions you might have. Thank you for your ongoing partnership with BCHS.
            In Christ,
            John Buetow
            BCHS President


            In order to be proactive, BCHS is implementing extra steps out of an abundance of caution to keep all of our students and families safe.  Of course, complete guarantee of safety, especially in regards to the Coronavirus, can never be guaranteed.  In short, we seek to have an approach which both acknowledges potential health danger, but also is not overreactive.
            Although our classrooms are already cleaned daily, we will ensure that all high use areas are receiving extra attention. This includes wiping down desks, door knobs, and sinks/water faucets with disinfectants on a daily basis. In addition, hand sanitizer will be placed throughout campus outside of high occupancy areas. We are monitoring ongoing Coronavirus updates to determine necessary actions we will be taking in regards to various international travel as relating to BCHS and our students.
            The following link from the Kern County Public Health Services has been provided for area residents to learn additional information regarding the virus as well as precautionary steps to take at home. We encourage you to take the time to read this information:


            Honoring God … Helping Students Soar!