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Ready to Apply to BCHS? Please review the following information to better understand the admissions process. BCHS does not accept applications from international students not represented by an approved agent or agency. Please contact the Admissions Office for specific agency contact information.

Requirements & Expectations

Following are some of the requirements and expectations that BCHS considers for enrollment of your student:
  • Desire to attend and engage themselves on campus through academics and activities
  • Have satisfactory citizenship records in the school they previously attended
  • Must obey the laws of the United States and their home country
  • May travel with host family, but other travel must have approval from the director prior to making any travel arrangements.
  • Must not participate in sky diving, hang gliding, parachute jumping or any other dangerous activity
  • Must live with a Host Family approved by the school
  • Must show respect for Host Family and act as a member of the family by following family rules and voluntarily helping with family chores
  • Must not discuss their Host Family’s private affairs with others
  • Are willing to comply with the school’s policies
  • BCHS does not typically accept students that have been expelled from another school
  • Desire to improve English language skills

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  • Admission Criteria and Other Information

    BCHS is accepting applications from high school age students entering grades 9-11, who are interested in pursuing a college-prep program from a nondenominational school of excellence providing a biblically-based education. Our program is designed for those students planning to study at our school until graduation. Applicants are granted admission based on the following:
    • Transcripts must show above-average academic ability.
    • It is preferable that students meet the English Proficiency Standards. (See chart below.)
    • Students must be responsible, honest, cooperative, demonstrate good character, display good citizenship and be respectful to others. 
    • Students must be self-motivated, responsible for their own success and able to organize personal time.
    • Students and parents/guardians must read and understand the Admission Requirements and Expectations listed above.
    • Student must complete and submit the required application forms, documentation and recommendations, and submit these forms through their agent representative.  
    • Successfully complete a personal interview (via the Internet if out of the country).
  • International Students Agencies

    In order to apply to BCHS, please contact one of the agencies below. BCHS will not accept an application from a student outside of an agency with a contractual agreement with the school.

    China Sage Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Christopher R. Wingo
    +86 21 6247-3561

    The Cambridge Network

    (781) 996-0400
    (BCHS landing page for the Cambridge Network)

    GE International

    Edu Korea

    Ivy International Group
    (978) 558-4216

    Global Study Connections
    (207) 564-8098

    American Home Life International
    (717) 560-2840

    Academic Opportunities in America
    (770) 675-6864
    New Field International Education Group
    (781) 569-5908
  • Tuition & Fees

    Detailed Tuition and Fee Schedules are available from your agency.
  • Important Dates

    • Students should contact their agency to learn specific dates.
    • New international students are encouraged to apply for the fall enrollment by May 30.
    • New international students enrolled for the upcoming school year are generally expected to arrive in Bakersfield two weeks prior to the start of the school year.
    • All new international students are required to attend orientation (dates available from your approved agency).
  • Travel Details

    When Visa is granted, please contact the BCHS Admissions Office immediately.  Please send BCHS a copy of your Visa or provide a copy upon your arrival. Also, inform the school as to when you will be arriving in Bakersfield. Recommended airline arrangements are direct flights from the student's home country to San Francisco (SFO) or Los Angeles (LAX) with a connecting flight to Bakersfield (BFL). There is a shuttle bus that travels from the Los Angeles (LAX) airport to Bakersfield as well. You can find specific details on the Airport Valet Express website.

    Proof of student accident and health insurance is required at the time of arrival. Please let BCHS know if you need to be enrolled in a comprehensive 10-month plan. Effective date must be on or before the student's arrival date and expiration date must be no earlier than the student's planned departure date (i.e. one week after the end of semester two).


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  • Photo of Alice Abril

    Alice Abril 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Cerrena Wells

    Cerrena Wells 

    Director of Student Affairs
  • Photo of Odessa Ribaya

    Odessa Ribaya 

    Admissions & International Program Assistant

English Proficiency Standards

TOEFLTOEFL Jr. or iTEP SLATE test scores are used to determine each student's English proficiency. These test scores, BCHS' placement tests and personal interview are all factors that are used together to determine the student's level of English proficiency. The chart below is a general guide we will use when reviewing an applicants test scores.

The SLEP test has been retired and will no longer be accepted.

Testing Placement Guide

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  • Below Acceptable Level

    TOEFL - iBT: Below 50
    TOEFL Jr. - Standard: Below 730
    TOEFL Jr. - Comprehensive: TBA
    iTEP SLATE: below 3 (iTEP SLATE must be proctored at a certified, public testing center.)
  • May Be Accepted with Condition

    TOEFL - iBT: 50-80
    TOEFL Jr. - Standard: 735-800
    TOEFL Jr. - Comprehensive: TBA
    iTEP SLATE: 3-4 (iTEP SLATE must be proctored at a certified, public testing center.)
  • Generally Accepted Without Conditions

    TOEFL - iBT: 80+
    TOEFL Jr. - Standard: 800+
    TOEFL Jr. - Comprehensive: TBA
    iTEP SLATE: 4+ (iTEP SLATE must be proctored at a certified, public testing center.)
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