Junior Year

Junior year is considered by many students to be the toughest. Maintaining a strong GPA in rigorous coursework may be challenging but is important. All juniors take the PSAT semester one. Before this practice test for the SAT (one of the two national college entrance exams) the counselor visits the classroom for test prep as well as college admissions advice and information. Semester two, students meet in groups to go over PSAT test results and then may meet individually with the counselor to discuss specific scores. Junior year PSAT scores are used for eligibility in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. During the spring semester, each junior will receive 30 days of intensive SAT preparation to equip them for the SAT. This training will take place during the school day. Preparation for the college application and process is a particular advising focus for Juniors during the second semester and includes an evening presentation for parents. During this year, many students choose to meet with the counselor to discuss future goals and college choices. Students will also be given advice in writing the college application essay. Course selection and advisory for the senior year occurs in the classrooms at midyear.
The junior year is one of the hardest and most important years. Be prepared and stay strong. You can do all things through Christ!

Semester 1
  • Meet with your counselor to make sure you are on track with your four-year plan and are taking the appropriate classes, meeting both high school graduation requirements and college admissions requirements.
  • Maintain a strong GPA in rigorous coursework and continue to be involved in school, community and church.
  • Apply for CSF if you qualified for 2nd semester sophomore year, by the deadline. The deadline is typically the last Friday in August. See the calendar for specific deadline.
  • Research schools and compile a list of realistic and dream/reach schools.
  • Continue to talk with your parents about your future plans; become more specific about how you and your parents can finance those plans.
  • Attend the Kern County College Fair at Rabobank in September.
  • Attend the National Christian College Fair at BCHS in September.
  • Attend sessions with college representatives who visit BCHS. 
  • If you are interested in attending a military academy, attend the Service Academy Forum. Ask your counselor for details.
  • Use the free SAT test prep found on Khan Academy to help you study and prepare for the spring exams.
  • Take the PSAT in October to prepare for college admissions tests and to establish your eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship competition.
  • Confer with your counselor to review your PSAT scores and their implications for your college/career interests.
  • Begin SAT/ACT test preparation:
    • Remember you may take these tests multiple times and universities will consider all your scores.
    • Begin studying now, even if you plan on taking the test at the end of this year.
    • Utilize the test prep course on Khan Academy.

Semester 2
  • Join CSF if Semester 1 grades qualify. The deadline is typically the last Friday in January. See the calendar for specific deadline.
  • Continue to research colleges, tour campuses, and possibly narrow your search.
  • Student Athletes: register with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you expect to play competitively in college.
  • Take the SAT I and the ACT in May or June.
  • Take the SAT II in subject areas you did well in if you plan to apply to UC or other selective colleges.
  • Take AP exams for any AP courses you took.
  • Plan course selection for senior year:
    • Choose a full and rigorous schedule for your senior year. Universities expect to see the same level of coursework and grades the senior year (they do check and college acceptance can be revoked) as when the student was accepted based on the sophomore and junior year transcript.

  • Begin filling out the Common Application, found at www.commonapp.org
  • Begin writing your application essay.
  • Tour college campuses.
  • Continue your involvement in church and community service.
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