Annual College Tour expands students' views of potential colleges

In October, 64 students, along with 34 adults – including parents, BCHS President John Buetow, and BCHS Counselors Susan Chandler and Carissa Cady – journeyed to Texas for the second annual college tour. The group visited the University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M, Baylor University and Texas Christian University.
"Providing students with the opportunity to visit college campuses that they may have not otherwise have the opportunity to attend is one of the core reasons we plan these trips," said Carissa Cady, one of BCHS college counselors. "When the students step foot on a college campus, you can see a light bulb go off in their head. It’s as though their world has expanded and they are excited about the new possibilities in front of them."

California is known for its amazing schools, four of which are consistently ranked in the top 25 universities in the nation. Yet much is to be gained through the exploration of opportunities from institutions outside of the state. BCHS administration places a strong value on organizing an annual college tour that enables students to experience distinct campuses in different parts of the country.

“Each university has its own unique feel and stepping foot on campus – actually talking with admissions representatives – and seeing the collegiate atmosphere with your own eyes is like the difference between seeing something in two dimensions, and literally, three dimensions,” said BCHS President John Buetow.

In January 2018, 24 BCHS Honors Academy freshmen and sophomores, accompanied by parents, college counselors and school administrators, embarked on the first annual college tour to the southeastern section of the U.S. While students in the Honors Academy are strongly encouraged to participate in the college tour each year, the opportunity has now been extended to all BCHS students.
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