Shedding Light on Senior Sunrise

by Lianna Daug, BCHS Class of 2019
Bleary eyes, brisk o’clock air, blankets on damp grass and breakfast burritos: such were the elements that set the scene as early risers congregated at the football field on the morning of Aug. 22. Senior Sunrise, an annual BCHS tradition, witnessed a morning of worship and fellowship when students and faculty alike gathered in commemoration of a new and, to returning seniors, final school year attending BCHS. 
Featured worship leader Tommi Mongold basked in the relaxed atmosphere of the event as she lauded Senior Sunrise as a perfect opportunity for students to come together to just enjoy God and be with the people they love. 
“It's a moment of peace where you don't have to worry about the scariness of college, tests, and, of course, the SAT,” Mongold said.
To many seniors, the occasion was welcome respite from their otherwise hectic daily lives; it served as a brief lapse of time that allowed them to encapsulate moments of the now without being assaulted by daunting prospects of the future.
“It’s a heartwarming experience,” class president and returning senior Michelle Paw remarked. “The sunrise is the beginning of our senior year and makes me excited to see how we spend our last year together.” 
Drawing inspiration from the sunrise, Paw subsequently correlated the 2018 senior class theme with the metaphorical sort of “illumination,” which manifests itself through Christ-like behaviors both on and off campus.
“What really stands out to me about our class over the past three years is that it has consistently broken personal barriers. Whether it’s in the classroom, on the field or court, or on stage, we have paved the way for incoming students and shown them the potential they have,” said Uday Birdi, class vice president. “And a great part of that potential comes from the amazing teachers and faculty here.” 
On such a note, it is only fitting that the Senior Sunrise was concluded with a collective prayer headed by the faculty and staff including Bible teacher Jeff Ward and Director of Spiritual Formation Joe Cabalka. Both have fostered years of intellectual and spiritual growth within the Class of 2019 and will continue to support them as they pursue future endeavors in their academic careers.

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