Drawing Closer to Christ at Hume Lake Christian Camp

by BCHS students Hannah Meger, Ashley Herman, Scandra Jouda, Viviana Lambarena and Andrea Reade
Hume Lake Christian Camp was a spiritual and physical journey with God for every student, teacher and staff member that shared in this all-school BCHS retreat. The planning, organizing and executing of the trip started long before the buses were loaded for the mountain trek.
The BCHS retreat is different from many camps and retreats at Hume because the entire retreat is made up solely of BCHS students and staff without any outside schools or churches. 
“This allows us to customize a number of things we do, such as the spiritual focus of the week specifically focused on where their students are at and where their leadership team is wanting to lead their students for the school year,” said Hume Youth Ministries Director Jeff Brannan.
Brian Holland, a pastor from Southern California spoke during the chapel sessions throughout the camp. His message brought a balance of humor while also examining God’s Word. In addition to the time of worship through both song and through the message, students had cabin devotions as well as free time. The wide array of activities such as paintball, the high ropes course, spending time on the lake or participating in one of the tournaments gave students plenty of opportunities unique to the beautiful surroundings. The group recreation time included a series of fun competitions and the long BCHS tradition of Dye Wars.
“Hume Lake benefits our students spiritually because it allows them time to strengthen and form new relationships with teachers and other students,” said Cerrena Wells who is a part of the Student Life administration team in addition to her many other titles at BCHS. 
Many of the students expressed that the few days spent away from the usual school routine, away from technology and in nature helped them to draw closer to God and strengthen their sense of belonging. 
“I felt like I have a stronger connection with my friends and that I know they will always be there for me,” said junior Nathan Smidt. “When going up to Hume, you just have an amazing time and it’s such an indescribable feeling. Being up there you just have this extraordinary mountain high.” 
Students were allowed to devote their lives in service to our Lord. That is what Hume’s mission statement is all about. The objective of the retreat is to bring each person in attendance closer to Jesus Christ. For some students that is starting a new relationship and surrendering their life to Jesus Christ as Savior. When students arrive home, they are all encouraged to continue applying God’s words to their individual lives. 
A difference can be seen in students both spiritually and emotionally. It is often easy for young people to forget that they are not always going to be in control of every aspect of their lives. God is the One in control of people's lives and He knows the plans He has for each individual. BCHS’ commitment to take this time to travel up to Hume Lake is instrumental. It allows students to step back, reflect and remember what actually matters in life. 

Honoring God … Helping Students Soar!