Alumni give back through mentoring program

by Shelby Parker, BCHS Class of 2010
Planning for your future and thinking about life after high school can be a bit overwhelming. BCHS alumni have been there and understand what a challenge it can be for the next generation to decide that important step. That’s how the conversation began at an Alumni Association meeting, which led to the formation of the Alumni Mentor Program.
This program was designed with the idea of alumni forming collaborative relationships with currently enrolled BCHS students. Alumni mentors offer advice and support based on their knowledge and experience in their respective career fields, as well as how they are able to use their gifts for the glory of God.

“Whenever someone is entering the work force or any new season of life, we all need a mentor – to answer our questions, lead us along the way and to share their story and their experiences,” said BCHS Alumni Association Treasurer and founding member of the BCHS Mentor Program, Breanna Westenbroek.

Last year, students signed up for various groups to meet with these individuals. The mentors discussed the day-to-day tasks in their respective fields, internship opportunities and their overall work experience.

“The mentor groups have been popular with our student body,” said Alumni Coordinator Tarilyn Crabtree. “Involvement in these groups will help students make more informed decisions about their futures and provide them with an invaluable resource that is unique to this program. Alumni giving back in this way is so encouraging and will hopefully inspire all future classes to do the same.”

More than advice or showing the ropes of the job, the Mentor Program models the example of Christ and what it means to help others.

“Jesus himself set an example of mentoring others,” said Westenbroek. “He built relationships with others, facilitated meaningful conversations, was a role model, and showed His disciples how they could use their unique giftings to honor God and further His kingdom.”
Honoring God … Helping Students Soar!