BCHS Christmas Project touches lives, exemplifies Christ

by Jessica Stump, BCHS Class of 2019
In the midst of first semester finals week, the BCHS Associated Student Body welcomed 30 young visitors from Munsey Elementary School for an afternoon of fun, friendship and Christmas celebration.
The Munsey students took an exciting bus ride to the BCHS campus and were greeted with lunch provided by Chick-Fil-A. While lunch was served, the high schoolers and elementary students mingled, becoming instant friends as they discovered how much they had in common; many students from both schools participate in sports and fine arts. 
The BCHS ASB had a full schedule of exciting activities for the Munsey children. As the afternoon unfolded, the goodie bags that had been passed out to the young visitors began to fill up as they moved from station to station, collecting lots of treats and souvenirs including but not limited to: cookies that they decorated themselves, handmade ornaments, and even Polaroid pictures that included their new BCHS friends. 
However, the most exciting part of the Munsey students' adventure was yet to come. All of a sudden, a booming voice burst through the doors of the Student Union. Santa Clause had arrived! The students all cheered, and then cheered even more loudly when they realized that Santa had not come empty-handed; he came bearing the gifts that had been collected specifically for each Munsey student by the entire BCHS community. 
One by one, the students’ names were called, and they, with the help of a BCHS friend, walked forward confidently to receive their box full of gifts. These boxes included necessity items like pillows, toothbrushes, and warm clothes, but they also included items that each student had put on their Christmas wish list. As the students emptied their boxes, the room was filled with the true spirit of Christmas. 
It can be easy to take for granted the blessings in our own lives, but for many Munsey students, the gifts given to them by BCHS students and families were the only gifts they received this Christmas. The Christmas Project has touched the lives of hundreds of students, both those giving and those receiving the blessings put forth by the BCHS community. 
The Christmas Project has been my favorite part of each year I’ve spent at BCHS because it is one of our best opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community. There is no better gift than seeing the joy on the young faces of the Munsey students as they come to the realization that no, they aren’t dreaming, as one little girl had to clarify with her ASB friend, and yes, they would get to keep all of the fantastic blessings they had just opened. There is no better gift than watching Lily, a little girl who had asked for “kittens” for Christmas, open her box and discover her brand new FurReal friend cat. 
There are always tears in our eyes as we wave goodbye to the bus full of students driving back to Munsey. However, we know that through the generosity of BCHS families, we have been able to touch the lives of thirty of God’s children, and we had the opportunity to show them just how loved they are. 

Honoring God … Helping Students Soar!