Group of 138 people from BCHS attend Wicked at the Pantages

by Jilian Andreesen, BCHS Class of 2022
On Friday, Dec. 7, BCHS students, parents, and employees traveled to Los Angeles to attend the internationally acclaimed musical Wicked.
The first stop for the group of 138 people consisted of The Grove where attendees had the opportunity to grab a bite to eat as well as do some Christmas shopping for their loved ones. 
After this quick stop the group hopped back on the bus headed for the palatial Art Deco Pantages Theater in Hollywood, the home to award winning musicals and plays since the 1930s. Once they arrived to the historic theater, sold out crowds waited anxiously outside anticipating an exciting 8 p.m. show. The headliner performers wowed the crowd with bright lights, strong vocals and colorful sets.
This classic musical Wicked portrayed the tale of two unexpected friends, Elphaba (the WickedWitch of the West) and Galinda (whose name later switched to Glinda the Good Witch) who battled over their polar opposite personalities and perspectives, experienced conflict over the same love-interest, and showcased their negative responses to the Wizard's unethical authority. 
The dramatic performance provided entertainment for people of all ages. Wickedwas a spectacular performance for BCHS students and families to enjoy creating memories that will last a lifetime.
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