Technology is an integral part of the learning process at BCHS. We utilize the latest technologies in order to enhance the learning experience for all of our students.

Technology Highlights


  • AUP – Acceptable Use Policy  Rules and conditions for students to abide by when using any form of technology at BCHS.
  • Apple ID  A free account and service from Apple, Inc.
  • iCloud  A free data storage service from Apple, Inc.
  • Office365  Microsoft Office apps including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
  • OneDrive  Microsoft Office cloud-based data storage
  • Google Drive  A free data storage service from Google.

iPad Program FAQs

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is BCHS’ philosophy on technology?

    We see a revolution happening in the way people learn. This generation of students has grown up with computers and they’re at home in a world where they get their information online. This is good preparation for what may be expected when students enter college. Students must be taught to be good digital citizens, to use the resources available to them responsibly and to always keep Christ as our moral compass in the use of such technology.
  • Q: Why has BCHS decided to use iPads in school?

    Our vision is to be a premier school, which includes being on the cutting edge of new technology. In 2012-13, we introduced eBooks and other online resources into our library through a service from Gale Cengage Learning, which provides 100,000+ periodicals including magazines, academic journals, books, and videos on a variety of subjects. This last summer we completed upgrading all of the classrooms to take full advantage of new technology that allows teachers to share information online from their iPads using such services as MyBigCampus. This next school year, students will be equipped with iPads and will have access to textbooks, online content, and other software tools that will assist students in the learning process. Students will also have the ability to share presentations from the iPad in the classroom using AppleTVs.
  • Q: What are some of the benefits of using iPads?

    An iPad Air weighs 1 pound, which is much lighter than carrying textbooks. One iPad can replace 5 or 6 heavy textbooks, which can total 20 pounds or more in a student's backpack. They’re less expensive on average than buying sets of printed textbooks, especially with books that cost $75 to $100 each. However, publishers are still transitioning from traditional to digital media for textbooks. They allow hands-on access to selected online websites that our students can use for research in their classes. There’s no wall between students and teachers like there is when you lift a laptop screen. The iPads encourage “green” stewardship of natural resources—they save trees used for making textbooks and they reduce the number of worksheets that are printed.
  • Q: What can we expect from the iPads?

    Students love learning how to use technology. Many students who are currently using their own iPads find that note-taking on a keyboard is easier than writing and with permission from their teacher, some of the students like to record what the teacher is saying so they can review it later. Parents and teachers will appreciate the iPads because the new technology and graphics are engaging for the students. Teachers have new access to photos, videos, daily newspapers, and resource materials, and the digital content works hand-in-hand with the texts. Practice problems can be done on the iPad and the correct answer revealed afterward and explained if the student did it wrong. These devices will also make it easier for teachers to use different approaches for different learning styles.
  • Q: How are you paying for them?

    A portion of the technology fee collected each year is used to fund the purchase of the devices.
  • Q: Will the iPad devices be managed?

    Yes, using special software, all iPads will be monitored and managed 24/7. If a student erases or alters the security policies on the device, a notification will automatically be sent to the BCHS IT Services Dept informing them of the device and the student responsible. In addition, any apps that are installed on the device will be available in similar reports. Finally, since the device is a school issued device intended for educational purposes, all Internet content standards for filtering also apply to student devices, so that no matter where the student accesses the Internet, the content will be filtered through BCHS content filters.
  • Q: Can I use my own iPad, or do I have to use the school issued iPad?

    No, only school issued iPads will be permitted. Personal iPads, laptops, or other wireless devices will not be able to connect to the school’s wireless network.
  • Q: What happens if a student breaks an iPad?

    BCHS iPads may not be repaired by anyone except by BCHS IT Services personnel. No third-party repairs are permitted, including the Apple Store. Doing so, violates the BCHS Acceptaible Use Policy and the AppleCare warranty. In addition, if the warranty is void for any reason, the student will be financially responsible for the full replacment value of the device.

    When an iPad is in need of repair services, students are required to report to BCHS IT Services immediately. Students will recieve a replacement device and an Incident Report will be filed with a statement showing the estimated repair costs with a parent or guardian signature requirement. Payment for any repairs should be made to Bakersfield Christian High School. 

    Note: It is the responsibility of the student to always maintain backups of their data. Only the most recent backup will be used to restore data to the replacment iPad.

    Important steps to take to avoid damage to iPads:

    • Always keep iPads in school-provided protective cases. This includes both parts of the case: iPad and keyboard.
    • Always know where your iPad is. Never leave it unattended.
    • Never leave iPad in vehicles.
    • Never leave iPad outside.
  • Q: What happens if the iPad is lost or stolen?

    In the unfortunate event that the device is lost or stolen, the BCHS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) details the steps the student must follow. The student is to report the incident immediately to the IT Services Dept. If the device cannot be located, the student is financially responsible for the replacement of the device. In order to avoid costly replacement costs for a stolen device, a police report is required. Otherwise replacement costs are calculated at the full value of the replacement cost of the device.
  • Q: Will students need to purchase any software or eBooks for the iPad?

    Yes, in some cases. Students will be required to purchase digital textbooks for the iPad. These ebooks will be used for the classes the students take during the school year. BCHS provides the app necessary for each student that they can use to install any needed ebooks. eTextbooks may need to be purchased through one or more of these apps, requiring the purchase of textbook eBooks through those servcies. BCHS will provide a list of all eBooks needed to purchase for each class, or a list of eBooks provided by BCHS.
  • Q: Can students purchase other apps, such as games, social media apps (Facebook), etc?

    No. Students are only permitted to install apps from an App catalog we provide on each device.
  • Q: What is an Apple ID or iCloud account?

    The Apple ID or iCloud account is a service that provides up to 200GB of free online data storage and backup for the student's iPad device. The Apple ID account is created and managed by BCHS and is linked to the iPad device in the event that the device is damaged, backups and data is more easily restored.
  • Q: We already have an Apple ID, do I have to create a new one?

    No. All students must use the school provided AppleID for their school-issued devices. No other AppleID accounts are permitted on the device.


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Acceptable Use Policy

BCHS strongly believes in the educational value of technology and recognizes its potential to support curriculum. The school network and Internet access are provided for school-related purposes to staff and students who agree to abide by the BCHS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Technology and Internet Access.
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