BCHS mission team travels to Romania to minister to orphans

by Natalie Willis, BCHS Class of 2019
The voices of the children filled the small worship room which doubled as a cafeteria. The atmosphere was joyful and filled with optimism as our mission team’s translator relayed the message of David that was being taught to the beautiful children of Romania.
Last summer was life changing for a small group of girls from BCHS, including me. Children to Love, an organization which supports the orphaned and under privileged children of Romania, rallied a group of BCHS students to go out and share our time and love of Jesus with them.

Our team leader and advisor, Shelley Romanoff, has been going to Romania with the CTL staff since she was 17 years old. She brought knowledge of the area and a deeply rooted love for the children we met.
“Seeing these kids grow up has been such a blessing,” Romanoff said. “The personal relationships I was able to create through the years has had a profound impact on my life.”
Our mission team of six girls set off to share love, but in reality, we gained love. The children were a constant source of inspiration for us.
“The fact that they still loved and worshipped God after having experienced hardships was awe-inspiring and eye-opening,” BCHS team member Alexis Cano said.
As Christians, we should strive to spread His love throughout the world, and Romania is an excellent place to start. The CTL website states that, the organization “seeks to equip all children to become independent, contributing members of their communities and fully committed followers of Jesus.” 
The children of Romania are special and need to know that they are loved by us and more importantly that they are loved by their Creator. If anyone is lucky enough to meet these children and to be loved by them, they surely will never regret the time, money and work that comes with going on mission trip with CTL to a place like Bucharest, Romania. 

More about the Romania Mission Trip 2018:

A group of six BCHS students, along with Romanoff, spent nine days at the end of July in Bucharest, Romania sharing the love of Christ to children, most of who are orphaned or neglected. This marked the fourth year that BCHS has partnered with Children to Love, International to send a team to Romania.

The highlight of the ministry was leading a one-week camp for around 50 Romanian children who are either orphans or severely in need. Romanoff compared the style of the camp to one with which BCHS is very familiar - the Hume Lake Chrisitan Camp, where BCHS has its biennial all-school retreat. At the Romania camp, the BCHS team shared stories and verses from the Bible, played games, led crafts and songs, as well as led recreation typically involving games such as volleyball, soccer and badminton. This all-inclusive camp is equipped with beds, showers, towels and provides all the meals on-site. The time included a hike, plus a huge bonfire the final evening.

Members of the 2018 Romania Mission Team include the following BCHS students:
Alexis Cano
Promise Dickey
Andrea Pasaboc
Macy Rice
Taylor Wells
Natalie Willis

"Defend the weak and the fatherless; Uphold the cause of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." Psalm 83:2-4

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