ESS Costs & Responsibilities

ESS Personnel Responsibilities

ESS personnel will re-teach concepts and skills in the Learning Center, as well as check student planners each time the student reports to the Learning Center during their assigned period.
ESS personnel will also communicate regularly with their student's teachers regarding assignments and strategies for teaching the content.

Classroom Teacher Responsibilities

Classroom teachers will collaborate regularly with the ESS personnel about content as well as strategies for teaching the content.

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to record their assignments daily and are expected to work with the ESS personnel to complete their assignments.

Students are expected to attend the Learning Center on the assigned days and periods.

Students are expected to be motivated and eager to do their best.

Parent Responsibilities

Provide at least one hour a day of direct supervision.

Review the student's progress through PowerSchool at least once a week. Utilize Blackbaud and the students planner to assist in holding student accountable for class assignments.

Check in with the coordinator at least once a week via e-mail.

Make a good faith effort on every recommendation given to you or your student.

Program Cost

An additional tuition fee is charged for students who wish to enroll in the ESS program. The additional cost are as follows:


Per Month

Per Year

1 Period/1 time per week $80 $800
1 Period/2 times per week $120 $1,200
1 Period/3 times per week $150 $1,500
1 Period/4 times per week $170 $1,700
1 Period/5 times per week $180 $1,800

Students are required to attend the Learning Center for a minimum of one quarter. The cost will be prorated for students entering mid-term.

Weekly rates are included above for students who enter mid-quarter.

Contacts for ESS Program Enrollment

Gregory Root | Vice President of Academic Growth | (661) 410-7000 ext. 5511
Janet Dragt | Academic Assistant | (661) 410-7000 ext. 5524

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