Student Life

Student Activities

As Christians, we believe that we were made for community. Our activities program strives to encourage this relationship by creating avenues through group-centered activities and competitions that challenge students to look beyond their own self-interests and instead, offer their talents and gifts for the betterment of others. But it must also be said that we want BCHS to be a “fun place.” To that end, our activities seek to be fun and engaging as well as practical and valuable in order to see all students participate in some way.

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  • Student Life

    • Boondog Olympics
    • Hume Lake Retreat
    • Lunch Activities
    • Special Forums
  • Associated Student Body

    • Leadership Retreat
    • Rallies
    • Back-to-School Bash
    • Sadie's Dance
    • Winter Formal
    • Prom
    • Air Band
    • Spirit Weeks
    • Powder-puff Football Game
    • Iron Man Volleyball Game
    • Community Involvement
  • Student Clubs

    • Democratic Student Alliance
    • RPG Club
    • Conservative League of Friends
    • Travel Club
    • Botany Club
    • Spirit Gear Club
    • Good, Clean, Fun Club
    • Divide and Conquer
    • American Chemistry Club
    • Broadway Corner
    • Pro-life Club
    • Art Club
    • Explore the World Club
    • Culinary Club
    • Medical Club
    • E-sports Club
    • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    • Sand Volleyball Club
    • Stand Up to Cancer Club
    • Gamer Guild
    • The Humanitarian Club
    • Self-Care Club
    • Hispanic Student Union
    • Glee Club
    • Fashion Club


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  • Photo of Michelle Dingman

    Michelle Dingman 

    Office Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Nathan Thiessen

    Nathan Thiessen 

    Vice President of Student Life
  • Photo of Cerrena Wells

    Cerrena Wells 

    Director of Student Affairs
  • Photo of Joseph Cabalka

    Joseph Cabalka 

    Spiritual Formation Director, Teacher
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